Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

The most stressful time during a pregnancy is wondering whether or not you are indeed pregnant. Some women are on the fence as to whether or not they want another child, or maybe you really do want one and you’re here because you want to be ahead of the game and can’t wait to find out if you’re pregnant or not. The signs of pregnancy vary from person to person and from one extreme to another. The experience which I had with my pregnancy could very well be different than yours now or in the future. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

We have all heard our friends and family talking about nausea and sore breasts but are there more signs then just those? Could our bodies be expressing more than just those common signs? The most obvious answer to whether one is pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test, however, if you are like myself, I enjoy a bit of reassurance every now and then.

Shortness of breath

This is an early sign of pregnancy that is usually forgotten but one will come to realize it lingers around until the very end of the third trimester as your little one grows. Humans need oxygen to breathe just the same as growing fetuses do to ensure proper growth.


Your body is working so hard and releasing large amounts of hormones which in turn causes fatigue. One should not worry about this though as normally you’re able to kick this after the first trimester.

Frequent urination

Finding oneself in the bathroom lately? This is another one of those early signs of pregnancy due to your body producing so much extra fluids.

Sore breasts

Your breasts may not only feel tender to touch but also the appearance may be a bit different than you are used to. They may feel heavy and the areolas may have darkened. Veins may be more pronounced but most of all they are painful to touch. A supportive bra is highly recommended.


This is one of the most dreaded and most talked about signs of pregnancy often coined as ‘morning sickness’. When I first heard of morning sickness before I actually experienced it, I found it to be rather odd that the body knew exactly what time to become ill – in the mornings. I soon became aware of the fact that morning sickness is just a term and the sickness occurs morning, afternoon and night. Nausea often starts after six weeks of pregnancy and comes to an end as one enters the second trimester.

Pregnancy is a gift that should be treasured as many in the world are not blessed with the body to conceive. These early signs of pregnancy will come and go before you know it and your life will become more normal as you turn to prepare for the birth of your bundle of joy. I would recommend that if you have a notion you could be pregnant call your primary care OBGYN and make an appointment as soon as possible. Appointments should be made quickly due to the importance of any one woman’s health, pregnant or not.

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