Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination

As you know there are many types of fertility treatments available. At times the vast amount of treatments available can become rather confusing. That is why it is so important to meet with the physician. A physician will be able to guarantee that the treatment that is best for your body by viewing your current health and your past checkups. Artificial Insemination is a technique that can treat infertility in both male and females in particular cases. Not all treatment is right for everyone that is why I stress to take a great deal of these questions to your doctor and always remember a second opinion can be worthy as well. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

There are studies that show the success rates for Artificial Insemination is low, however, there are some great reasons why you should want to give this technique a shot. The procedure is very simple and has very few side effects like some of the more mainstream procedures. Often times this treatment will be prescribed or suggested by a medical professional when there is no sure reason why infertility is occurring.

The procedure

First your doctor will begin to find out your ovulation dates. He/she will use ovulation kits, blood tests and other well-known techniques to figure out that important day.

Getting your partner’s sperm sample

After an ovulation date has been pinpointed, the doctor will request a sperm sample from your partner. There will be a few rules as to the process of receiving the sample. The couple must abstain from sexual intercourse for at least three to five days to have the highest sperm count available.

Sperm injected directly

If the medical facility is close to your home, one may be able to complete this procedure at home. Another option would be to take the private room that is offered by the facility to perform these actions. The sperm needs to be washed within one hour of ejaculation in order to have the best results. The sperm will then be placed inside a catheter and injected into the cervix. For all cases the doctor will tell you to lie completely still for up to forty five minutes to facilitate the sperm on its journey.

Possible body reactions

Females report this process to be most like a pap smear and to have little to no pain at all. Sometimes there are effects that happen such as minor things like cramping or light bleeding.

Male infertility

This procedure has become very popular for the cases of male infertility. Male infertility can occur for many reasons but this technique is especially helpful for those who have a low sperm count or the sperm just is not as strong as it needs to be the reach the egg, as it is being directly injected into the woman’s cervix.

Female infertility

Just as males seem to lean towards Artificial Insemination, females do too. Those who have Endometriosis and deformities in vital part of the organs that prevent the sperm to reach the egg have found this to be the procedure for them. Studies have also shown that women with cervical mucus issues have found great success with this procedure as well. These ladies have hostile mucus around the cervix which prevents the sperm to enter.


There are some cases where the doctor will prescribe fertility drugs such as Clomid to enhance the reproductive organs to ensure conception. Artificial Insemination is not an option for all cases but it is a viable one for most. Each treatment and procedure will only make you one step closer to the day you will be holding your bundle of joy. Good luck!

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