At What Age does Getting Pregnant Become Difficult

At What Age does Getting Pregnant Become Difficult

Age And Fertility

Age and fertility. Even for those who don’t know much about fertility, it’s common knowledge that as a woman gets older, her fertility begins to decline. Every woman is born with a set number of eggs. This is a number that cannot be changed, no matter what. Every month when a woman ovulates, one of those eggs is released and is then gone from the egg stockpile forever. Slowly but surely, a woman’s number of eggs begins to dwindle down. The body is very smart, and it knows to use the best quality eggs first. As a woman gets older, her good eggs will begin to be used up, and her egg supply will start to dwindle. Some months a woman will not even ovulate at all. There is a huge drop off in fertility as a woman gets older. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The Odds

Of course, a woman is most fertile in her 20’s. That is when all of her eggs remain, and the good quality eggs are still being used. In each month of a woman’s cycle, during her twenties, a woman has about a 50 percent chance of getting pregnant. However, once a woman hits age 30, that chance drops to around a 15% to 20% chance of conceiving in any given month. That is a big drop off, but it is not even the biggest one. Take into consideration that by age 40, a woman has only around a 5% chance of getting pregnant in any given cycle. Most women become unable to have a successful pregnancy by their mid forties, long before menopause arrives.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to age and fertility is, don’t wait too long. Try to plan ahead and make a goal for when you would like to be able to conceive. Having babies is sort of a science, and you really do have to plan ahead if you want to have the best chance of getting pregnant. It is important to remember that the best chance of getting pregnant will be in your twenties. After that, there is a sharp decline at age 35, and then again at age 40. If you want to get pregnant with the least amount of problems, you should try to get pregnant before age 35. If you have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, and you are under age 35, it is time to go see a doctor to determine if you have any underlying issues that can affect your fertility. If you are over age 35, you should only wait six months before going to see a doctor.

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