Best Ways to Get Pregnant After Depo

Best Ways to Get Pregnant After Depo

Depo Provera is a means of contraception. It is actually an amazing contraceptive and its efficiency is about 97 percent. This is actually the only contraceptive that is available through injections. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to bother about it everyday as you would with contraception pills and condoms. The shot contains copious amounts of the synthetic form of the hormone progesterone: progestin. Taking a shot once in three months is enough. One shot will make sure that you won’t get pregnant for another three months. If you want to become pregnant, you should stop taking the shots – it is as simple as that! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

So how do you get pregnant after Depo? What are the best ways to? Here are tips:

Talk to your doctor

First and foremost, cancel your upcoming appointment for the Depo shot. Talk to your doctor and tell her you want to get pregnant. She will be able to give you valuable advice.

Three months after

Since a shot works for three months, don’t expect to get pregnant before that. Only after three months since the last shot will you have even a chance of conceiving.

Don’t give up

Try hard and don’t give up. It may take time for you to get pregnant. Give your body that required time. While some women may get pregnant soon, the majority of others may take a while. Be persistent in your efforts and time your sex right to improve the chances of getting pregnant. Tracking your ovulation will help. Check BBT or basal body temperature, check your cervical mucus, chart your cycle, or use an ovulation kit according to your preferences and find out when you are ovulating. Be sure to have sex while you are ovulating.

It may even take a year

Yes, you have to be very patient when it comes to getting pregnant after Depo. The best thing to do would be to try and try until you get pregnant. Your body may take longer than three months – up to a year – to expel the Depo Provera from your system completely. Give your body that time. In some cases it may even be longer than a year. You can’t do anything to hasten the process. You have to wait for it to happen naturally. Be patient, it will happen.

Know your body

Learn about your own body, especially your fertility period or your fertility window. Track your ovulation, as aforementioned, and increase your chances of getting pregnant after Depo. This is the only thing that you can do to tick the odds in your favor. Learning more about ovulation will also help you a lot. Do that and you will soon succeed. Be patient and consistent in your effort.

Go to your doctor

If you have been trying for long to no avail, you may surely be starting to panic. Don’t get worried. Go to your doctor and talk to her about it. She will be able to help you out. She might recommend a test to check your hormonal levels. Do as she advises and everything will be just fine. And if you are thinking about a contraception method but want to get pregnant in the near future, you may be best advised to choose an alternative to Depo.

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