Caffeine and Fertility

Caffeine and Fertility

This has been a widespread debate for many years amongst all walks of life. While some people say that when trying to conceive you must cut your entire caffeine intake is an absolute necessity. Others believe that it doesn’t have any affect and you can continue on as normal. I am here to set the story straight based off of a general consensus of doctors that have ever been questioned about the topic. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The benefit of zero caffeine

First let us start with the not drinking it at all. This is good for both you and baby. In all reality it is probably the best option health wise. This allows your body to be healthier and not so full of “junk” while trying to conceive a baby. On the other hand, what if you have drunk a cup of coffee every morning for the past 10 years? It is a bad habit to break and when you do it may cause headaches and cranky attitudes. I am here to break the good news to you- you do not have to give up that daily cup of coffee or tea! You can have it in good moderation.

Caffeine and miscarriage

For that young lady that drinks 6 cups of coffee/tea/soda a day, perhaps it is time to cut back. It is rule of thumb to keep it under 300 milligrams per 24 hours. One study found that 200 milligrams of caffeine per day could raise your risk of miscarriage. This could be your breaking point. Do you want that baby or do you want that extra cup of coffee? The “March of Dimes” foundation also recommends that someone trying to conceive take in no more than 200 milligrams per day.

Caffeine and the fallopian tubes

Some studies state that caffeine can affect the movement in your fallopian tubes; this is the eggs’ only way of travel into the uterus for conception. According to a researcher from the University of Nevada, this can have different affects on different people, but nonetheless the caffeine affects them.

Caffeine and ovulation

Caffeine may influence how often and regular you ovulate, which of course directly affects your ability to conceive. If you are not ovulating regularly or even at all, then your body is not allowing the egg to pass for conception. There is not any reason to believe that caffeine intake in a male will make a difference in his fertility.

While there are not any definitive studies that say that caffeine causes some infertility problems in women, we cannot conclude otherwise. The studies that have been done have always been performed on animals, animals that are not made like humans.

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