Can I Get Pregnant With Reproductive Tract Defects?

Can I Get Pregnant With Reproductive Tract Defects?

What are Reproductive Tract Defects?

Reproductive tract defects are issues or problems with the reproductive tract of a woman’s system. There are many different types of reproductive tract defects. Some can be mild, some can be moderate, and some can be severe. Some of the most common reproductive tract defects are women who only have one ovary, one fallopian tube, or who have a tilted uterus. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Reproductive tract defects and their affect on conception

For women with reproductive tract defect, conception can be more difficult. It might take a longer time to get pregnant. Some women with reproductive tract defects will get pregnant with little to no problem at all. However, other women who suffer from reproductive tract defects will have a very hard time getting pregnant, and some women might not be able to conceive on their own at all.

How is it diagnosed?

A doctor will have to examine you thoroughly to figure out if you have a reproductive tract defect. Women with these defects usually are not aware of them, so it usually takes an ultrasound or similar medical procedure to identify the problem. After identifying whether or not you have a problem, your doctor will be able to let you know what your chances are of conceiving on your own.

What are the causes?

Reproductive tract defects usually take place in the womb. It is very common for women with these reproductive tract defects to have no idea that they are there until she is older and ready to conceive. Then she might experience problems getting pregnant, and go to a doctor who will diagnose reproductive tract defects. Most women develop completely normally and have no idea that they might have a problem.

reproductive tract defects

Getting pregnant

Since reproductive tract defects can be so different from woman to woman, it is hard to say what the chances are for a woman to get pregnant with these defects. Only your doctor will be able to tell you for sure. Some women just take a longer time to get pregnant with reproductive tract defects, and others might need fertility treatments to help them get pregnant. For women with severe reproductive tract defects, in vitro fertilization is usually one of the best treatment options to help with conception.

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