Can You Get Pregnant on Birth Control?

Can You Get Pregnant on Birth Control?

Birth control usage is something that has been a woman’s choice for decades and those who use it regularly protect themselves against pregnancy. I am often asked can you get pregnant on birth control. My answer is simply yes you can. My close girlfriend experienced this with all three of her children which caught her off guard. She took the Pill on time and never missed a dosage. She followed all the rules but found herself pregnant each time. There are several reasons why birth control but not always is it the fault of the patient. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Not following the instructions

One may be questioning how could you NOT follow the instructions of your birth control correctly but maybe you’re not doing it right either. If you are using a pill for contraceptive be sure to take that pill at the exact same time every day. If your only protection is condoms be sure that they are in good working order, and plus it never hurts to use a condom and birth control at the same time when you’re not ready for a little one. IUD users often forget to check that their device is in place each month and this common mistake can result in an unplanned pregnancy. Those who do not follow all the instructions can get pregnant on birth control.

Not taking the pill consistently

This is definitely one of those that catch a lot of us females off guard. We forget to take our pill once and we throw off our entire protection. Those who miss more than one contraceptive pill in a month should protect themselves with other devices the rest of the menstrual cycle as they are NOT being protected at the fullest capability. Those who do not use condoms all the time or try the pull out method are likely to result in an unplanned pregnancy. It is common sense to understand in order to have protection against pregnancy one should be smart about decision making choices.

Condom damage

Condoms that are not used properly can result in pregnancy. Those with small tears or rips are leaving you unprotected. Most people do not realize that condoms have expiration dates and in this case if you are not checking the dates the condom could be of no use. If this is your only source of protection be sure to use a spermicide alongside to get the most protection possible.

Taking drugs that interfere

Be sure to ALWAYS check with your doctor/pharmacist whether or not your other drugs may interfere with protection from your birth control.

Common failures of belief

There are those people who believe that they have a safe time and because it is not their ‘fertile period’ they can have sex and not have a chance of conceiving. This is wrong as anyone can become pregnant at any time.

Remember that birth control does not protect against sexual transmitted diseases and we should always protect ourselves by using condoms. The bottom line is if you’re not ready to have a child and would like to cut the chances of pregnancy then one should abstain from sexual intercourse. With every sexual interaction, pregnancy could occur. I hope I answered your question about whether or not you can get pregnant while using birth control. Use these simple tips and live a joyful life.

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