Cause of Infertility in Women

Cause of Infertility in Women

Infertility is more common than most believe it to be. The cause of infertility can range and vary depending on who is experiencing it. Most times it is believed that women are normally the ones who are infertile. This is a misconception because infertility can affect both sexes. According to the Centers of Disease and Control the fact of the matter is that one third of the cases of infertility are linked to female and the same can be said about males. Seeing as males and females have the same amount of cases of infertility linked to either sex, the cause of infertility cannot be linked to just one cause. About twenty percent of couples have many different causes that are the reason for their infertility overall. It is normal to have many concerns when it comes to infertility, whether it is your significant other who is experiencing this or even just a friend. It is common to have questions and to want to know more. Just to reassure you it is best to discuss all of these issues with the medical professional as they will be able to tell you exactly what to expect and the common infertility treatments available to you. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Age infertility

Women are born with only so many eggs that will be produced and this can be a common cause for infertility when it comes to infertility. As a woman ages the quality and number of eggs produced reduces drastically. The chances of conceiving a child decreases from eight percent to just five percent after the age of thirty-five. Unfortunately the older the female is the chances of pregnancy decreases and sadly this is a main cause of infertility.

There are other reasons for infertility for females:

Damage to the fallopian tubes

This is a cause of infertility because these tubes are what carry the eggs from the ovaries to the cervix. There are many reasons for damage to occur to the fallopian tubes.

Hormonal causes

This is probably pretty obvious as to why infertility may be apparent. Those who have trouble with ovulation oftentimes have issues with fertility. Ovulation is essential in order to be fertile. There are many things that need to occur and without the occurrence of these things infertility will most definitely occur.

Cervical causes

There are a number of women who have cervical issues that make the entry of the sperm into the cervix impossible. This could be something that occurred from injury or one could be born with this deformity.

Other causes

There are other causes that can be explained and there are those that cannot be explained and remain unexplained. Uterine problems can cause infertility and then there are those unknown issues. There are around twenty percent of couples that have no idea as to why they are having these infertility issues.

Infertility causes and tests

There are many ways that the cause of infertility can be determined. A medical professional can examine the body and determine the cause by running different tests. These tests would be performed by a professional and the results would then be given to you by one.

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