Cervical Position: What it Tells you About your Fertility

Your cervical position is very important for you to find out when you are most fertile. Your cervix will change positions throughout your menstrual cycle and depending on the position you can find out when you are most fertile. By knowing when you are ovulating, you will be able to increase your chances of getting pregnant. It is common knowledge that having sex during ovulation can increase your chances of conception significantly. In fact, you should have sex only when you are most fertile.

This time period begins a couple of days before ovulation and ends with ovulation. Only when you have sex during this time will you be able to get pregnant. Thus, checking your cervical mucus and also checking the position of your cervix will help you become doubly sure about ovulation.

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The procedure

It won’t take more than a few minutes for this procedure. The best thing to do would be to check the position of your cervix on the same day at the same time in the same position. Upward motion slowly is ideal. Be patient and do it slowly. You will be able to feel your cervix like a round dimple.

Don’t check your cervical position after you have sex. You will get the wrong results. This is because your cervical position will change because of arousal.

Here are the three things that you have to keep in mind about your cervical position and your fertility:

At the time of ovulation

At this time your cervical position will be highest. It will also be very open. The texture will be wet and soft. Since it is higher, you might have to work harder to reach it. You can use this as a sign to understand that you are ovulating. When the cervix is located high up, the cervical mucus is the most fertile. This is the time that you should have sex in order to get pregnant.

One thing to note is that if you have already given birth before, you might feel that the cervical position is high and it is open most of the time. Under such circumstances you should rely on the texture of the cervix to find out whether you are ovulating.

After menstruation

Once you have your period, your cervix will be closed and firm. Its position will also be lower. You will reach it with extreme ease and you won’t face any problems touching it.

When you start observing your cervical position for a period of time, for a few cycles, you will be able to note easily and make out the difference in the position and texture without any difficulty.

It is important to be patient here. You can’t expect to understand the changes within a cycle. After a few cycles you will understand everything clearly.

After ovulation

After ovulation, the position will be lower and it will become firm again. During this time, even if you have sex, you won’t get pregnant. This is not the right time for conception because there will be no fertile mucus at this time.

You can also have a fertility chart to note the changes in the position just so that you don’t forget the position. Keep noting the position each day and things will be easier for you. Your chances of pregnancy will get better.

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