Chances of Getting Pregnant When You Have Sex on an Ovulation Day

Chances of Getting Pregnant When You Have Sex on an Ovulation Day

What is ovulation?

Before knowing about the chances of getting pregnant when you have sex on an ovulation day, you should understand what exactly ovulation is to begin with. Ovulation is the time when the egg is released and transported to the fallopian tube. Only when the egg is released will fertilization occur, right? This is why knowing your ovulation dates is of utmost importance especially if you are trying to get pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

When do you ovulate?

Many people wonder when ovulation occurs. Ovulation occurs on the fourteenth day of your menstrual cycle provided you have regular periods. If you don’t have regular periods, this may vary for you. The window for ovulation is from day twelve to day twenty. Depending on the length of your menstrual cycle, the ovulation date can vary for you. After the egg is released, it is viable for 30 hours. It is during this time that it has to be fertilized. If not, it will disintegrate and no matter how hard you try, you will not conceive. This is why ovulation is considered to be the time when you are ‘most fertile’. Thus, it is obvious that if you have sex during ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant will be more. In fact, only if you have sex a couple of days before, during, or a couple of days after ovulation will you get pregnant. You can call this time period your fertile window if you wish.

Your fertile window

As aforementioned, your fertile period starts from a few days before ovulation, continues through ovulation, and ends a couple of days after ovulation. You should have sex during this time to increase your chances of getting pregnant significantly. Within this period too, there is a ‘best time’ of getting pregnant and that is either a day before ovulation or the day of ovulation itself. You may wonder why. It is because the sperm can live for a few days. Thus, you can deposit the sperm beforehand and the sperm can wait for the egg to be released. The egg, however, can’t wait for the sperm for longer than 30 hours. Thus, many doctors recommend sex during ovulation. It is the right time to get pregnant. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant it may be simply because you are timing it wrong. Track your ovulation and have sex accordingly in order to conceive.


Thus, it is very safe to say that the chances of getting pregnant when you have sex on an ovulation date are the HIGHEST. If you go to a fertility clinic, the first advice you will get is to time your sex according to your ovulation date. Also, you should have sex repeatedly during this time to tick the odds in your favor even more. The more sex you have, the better your chances.

If you are having difficulty with pregnancy, worry not. You may not have any fertility problems. The simple reason may be that you aren’t doing it at the right time. Buy an ovulation prediction kit, know when you are ovulating, and have sex at that time. You just might get pregnant!

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