Chances of Miscarriage

Chances of Miscarriage

Sometimes bad things happen to really good people. Chances of miscarriage are a possibility with every pregnancy and the sadness of this occurrence can really be life changing. As a person who has never really dealt with a miscarriage before, it can be really hard to grasp the emotions firsthand until a very close person in my life experienced one. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

My personal experience

It was a couple years back and I can remember it to be a normal day as I received a knock at my door. I had no plans that day and really was not expecting anyone in particular. I answered the door to the face of a person I had known since I was young. She didn’t look okay; her face was pale and her eyes swollen. I only see this person on occasion as we are both married and carry on different life paths. For some reason this friend was at my door and for whatever reason she had come to me. As I looked in her eyes, I reached my arms out to embrace her. She fell into them in sobs and started mumbling something I just could not understand. I pulled her away from me and led her to my couch and asked her to repeat herself. She told me she had done everything by the book and I knew this had to be true because she had always been a very meticulous person. As she told me the story of her miscarriage the tears she had been shedding were now pouring out of my eyes. The sadness my dear friend felt was incomprehensible.

Why miscarriages can happen

How could something happen to this great person? I decided at that moment I wanted to know more about miscarriage. I wanted to know the true chances of miscarriage for any female. With my research I was able to find out things I had never known while I was also allowing myself to heal from that day. I was eager to know more so as the research continued I came to find out that sometimes these things just happen and sometimes it is our personal lifestyle choices. For my dearest friend it was just a way of her body correcting something that had went wrong but that did not cure my curiosity.

Preexisting conditions

There are preexisting medical issues that can cause the loss of pregnancy to happen at a higher risk. These causes are hypertension and diabetes. These could be reasons for higher chances of miscarriage.


Smoking can be one of those things that can increase the risks of miscarriage. The loss of oxygen to the baby can cause chromosomal issues. Secondhand smoking can be just as negative.

Higher levels of caffeine

A controversial reason could be higher levels of caffeine. This is definitely something that can be controlled during pregnancy. So you may want to consider lessening your caffeine intake as soon as the preconception stage.

Previous miscarriages

Previous miscarriages could result in them occurring in the future. This is something you really cannot avoid because they could be hormonal, anatomical or genetic.

Never give up-try again!

The chances of miscarriage become less of an issue as you enter later terms of pregnancy. Always remember that there are things that you can do but sometimes there is not and it is not your fault. Remember sometimes bad things happen to really good people but do not give up hope and when you’re ready – try again.

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