Eating Eggs in Pregnancy Good for Kids’ Stress Levels

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Stress is a major part of pregnancy. Getting stressed is extremely easy and even the calmest person can get tensed when she is pregnant. This is because pregnancy comes with a hoard of changes that may be very difficult to cope with. When you take stress, your stress hormone levels will obviously increase. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What happens then is that your baby gets exposed to these stress hormones. This can be a huge problem later on in life for your child because she may start suffering with stress related problems! This is the reason why you should keep your stress levels in check when you are pregnant. Here’s good news for you on this front!


A new research has revealed that consuming a nutrient called choline can help you beat the stress levels and protect your baby from future stress related problems. Here’s more good news! Choline is a nutrient that you may not have heard of before and you may be wondering in what foods it is found! The answer is simple: EGGS!



Eggs are a staple for many people. Eggs are eaten by almost everyone today on a daily basis. Make sure you consume eggs while you are pregnant and protect your baby from any stress related problems later on. Isn’t that simply fantastic?

Study shows

24 pregnant women were tested through this study. All of them were in the last trimester of pregnancy. In their final three months, they consumed around 480 to 930mg of choline per day. Once they gave birth, the placental samples and cord blood samples were tested. The researchers were very happy to find out that the cortisol, which is the stress hormone, levels were actually lower in those who consumed more choline!

Lowers breast cancer

Thus, here is a superb reason for you to consume eggs during pregnancy, especially during your final trimester. Want more reasons? Yes, there are even more reasons to consume choline. Research has also suggested that this choline carries benefits for the mother as well as the child.

In the mother, it lowers risk of breast cancer and reduces inflammation. It also protects brain functioning. In the child, it promotes brain development in the womb as well as after birth. It also prevents the deadly neural tube defects such as spina bifida.


Level of consumption

Experts have said that it’d be ideal for both pregnant women and breastfeeding women to consume enough of this nutrient. When you are pregnant, you should consume around 450mg per day and once you start breastfeeding, you should increase the intake to 550mg.

Pregnant eating egg

Don’t take the levels for granted because another research showed that only one person out of ten in America get the required amounts! Know that each egg contains 125mg of choline. You should consume eggs accordingly each day. Eggs come with more benefits. They are highly nutritious and contain numerous nutrients that are essential for pregnant women including folate, iron, and protein.

Other sources of choline

Some people love the egg white but skip the yolk. Don’t do that because choline is present ONLY in the yolk! The yolk contains most of the protein and vitamins, too. Other sources of choline include peanuts, cauliflower, and lean beef.

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