Environmental Risks to Female Fertility

Unhealthy lifestyle

Cases of infertility have gone up severely in the last ten years. Infertility was not all that common until the past decade but today there are many couples that are infertile and are struggling to have a baby. The rise may be because of a number of issues. One of the main reasons is the lifestyle today. It is needless to say that our lifestyle is pretty much unhealthy and that can affect our fertility significantly. Obesity and postponing pregnancy are also causes of infertility today. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Environmental factors

However, these are not the only risks to female fertility. The environment also plays a major role! It may be shocking but it is absolutely true that there are environmental factors that can impair your fertility. You should be aware of these risks so that you avoid them and ensure that they don’t risk your fertility at all.
Listed below are the most common environmental factors that can affect female fertility negatively.


There are two main compounds namely BPA or bisphenol A and Phthalate. These two compounds are used in a number of plastic containers and other things. These compounds ensure the longevity and flexibility of the plastic products.
However, the thing to note here is that they lack a covalent bond. There is no covalent bond between the plastic and the compound and thus, they are not fixed in place or together. As a result, they can be released into the environment easily. BPA and phthalate exposure can be dangerous. Phthalates have been proven to cause unbalance in the hormonal levels. This in turn implies problems with fertility as well as birth defects. BPA on the other hand is apparently very dangerous because it hampers the neurological growth of children. It also affects fertility of women.
Because of these risks, may products in the United States are being manufactured without these compounds now.


Exposure to cigarette smoke is really bad. Whether you smoke or not, if you are exposed to the smoke, your health will be affected – plain and harsh. If you around smoke for more than six hours each day, your fertility will decrease by an alarming percentage. Also, you will be more likely to have a miscarriage or another pregnancy related issue. Cigarette smoke consists of numerous chemicals that are very harmful not just to you but also to the growing fetus. You should be very careful about it, thus. Stay away from smoke as much as possible and you will do yourself a huge favor health-wise.


Pesticides cause a number of reproductive problems. They also cause a number of health issues and thus, it is advisable that you stay away from them as much as possible. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with warm water to get rid of all the pesticides because any lurking pesticides can lower your fertility and increase your chances of miscarriage.
The best bet would to choose organic food. It is safe and you won’t be exposed to pesticides at all!


The issues with lead are not unknown. However, not many actually realize that lead harm even fertility and pregnancy. Lead can either be solid or airborne. It is more prevalent in old homes and highways. Too much lead can cause problems for your unborn child such as brain damage.


If you want to get pregnant easily and if you want to have a healthy pregnancy and birth, you should be very careful about environmental factors that can affect your fertility.

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