False Positive Pregnancy Test

False Positive Pregnancy Test

The simplest way to determine whether you are pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test. These tests work by determining the presence of hCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in the urine. This hormone is also known as the pregnancy hormone because it is produced only when you are pregnant. The presence of hCG is usually the first sign that you are pregnant. In order to make sure that you get accurate results, you should wait until you miss your period or you should wait until the date of your next period. If you really want to take the test and don’t want to wait until your period, you can take it about five days before the date but not earlier. If you want to take the test in a haste make sure you buy a sensitive pregnancy kit so that it detects even traces of hCG. The accuracy of home pregnancy tests is 97% provided you take the test properly. So there are 3% chances of the test going wrong even if you follow all the instructions. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

False Negative Test

If the test shows that you are not pregnant even though you are, it is a false negative test – this is pretty common actually.

False Positive Test

If the test shows that you are pregnant even though you are not, it is a false positive test – this is rare but it does happen.

What are the causes of false positive test?

They may be very rare but they do occur and there are many reasons why. You should be clear about the reasons so that you know what to do when the test says you are pregnant but you don’t feel pregnant at all! Here are the causes.

Chemical Pregnancy

If you have a miscarriage very early into your pregnancy, it is called a chemical pregnancy. In most cases, the woman doesn’t even realize that she had a chemical pregnancy. Did you know that chemical pregnancies are super common? About fifty percent of the first pregnancies are chemical pregnancies! If the test you are using is very sensitive, it may show positive because of a chemical pregnancy. However, you will end up having your period, which proves that you are not pregnant.

Missed Reaction Time

When you take a test at home, you should be careful about the standing time or the time required to read the test correctly. If, for example, the test says to wait for five minutes, you should wait ONLY for five minutes. Some women end up waiting for longer – for reasons of their own. It you read the test after a long time, chances are that you will have a false positive test. This mistake is very common.


There are a few drugs that have hCG in them. If you are taking these tests, there are chances of having a false positive result when you take the home pregnancy test. If you are taking hCG shots for some reason such as, as a part of an infertility treatment, you should wait until the shot is out of your body.

Evaporation Lines

Many women mistake evaporation lines as positive results. There are a few tests that leave evaporation lines and that causes women to think that that they are pregnant. Be careful of the evaporation line, thus.

If you don’t really ‘feel’ pregnant even though your pregnancy test shows a positive result, go to the doctor and confirm it through a blood test. A blood test will never go wrong.

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