Fertibella and PCOS

Fertibella and PCOS

For women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), getting pregnant is extremely difficult, especially because of the higher than normal level of androgen. It influences negatively the production of completely mature eggs, turning them into cysts that attach to the ovaries. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Fertibella & PCOS

Fortunately, numerous infertility problems are successfully treated with Fertibella, and PCOS is one of them. In order to produce the desired result, this fertility supplement must be taken once per day. Its formula includes many herbal extracts and other elements that play a key role in establishing the hormonal balance and eliminating the difficulties in ovulation. Here is a list with the main four substances and extracts contained by Fertibella and how they work, in order to help you to understand what makes this drug so effective in treating PCOS.

Paeonia Alba

Paeonia Alba is one of the oldest herbal remedies, used especially to relieve menstrual pain and to reduce the emotional instability during the menstrual cycle. Also, it is known for its role in reducing acne, one of the most common side effects of PCOS.

Juniperus Sabina

Juniperus Sabina is another plant widely recognized for its fertility enhancing qualities. It regulates the level of hormonal secretions and it stimulates the production of progesterone.


Thyroidium plays an important role in improving the function of the thyroid gland and in regulating its secretion of hormones, some of them very important when it comes to preventing the formation of cysts.

Angelica sinensis

Angelica sinensis is used to strengthen the walls of the uterus and to prepare it for the upcoming pregnancy. It is also used to treat some of the PMS symptoms such as stress and anxiety.

Vitamins and minerals

A great number of infertility-related conditions are alleviated by other ingredients included in Fertibella, and PCOS is one of them. Vitamins such as Calcium and Selenium, minerals such as Iron and Para Aminobenzoic Acid are also some very effective components of this fertility supplement.

PCOS treatment

When it comes to treating PCOS, the substances and extracts contained in Fertibella play the role of regulating the hormones secretion. While the production of the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), progesterone and estrogen is stimulated, the level of prolactin is lowered. This way, your chances of getting pregnant within a short period of time increase considerably.

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