Fertility and PCOS

Fertility and PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition manifested through the appearance of small, multiple cysts on your ovaries. The ultrasound screening is one of the investigation methods used in order to establish an accurate diagnosis, the cystic formations appearing as a series of black dots. Fertility and PCOS are in a close relation, as the condition influences negatively the normal functioning of the reproductive system. Here are 4 of the most commonly known ways it affects your capacity to conceive, and what the best treatment options for each of those problems are. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The production of hormones is diminished

The production of hormones necessary for the ovulation process to occur normally is seriously diminished or even suppressed if you suffer from PCOS. As a result, the follicles develop into cysts by growing in size from the fluids they collect, instead of properly maturing into eggs. Without ovulation, the quantity of progesterone also decreases. This way, you are in the impossibility to conceive, because this hormone is essential for pregnancy.

The ovulation is compromised

Having a normal ovulation is an indicator of your fertility, and PCOS is a condition that can seriously compromise it. Stimulating the excessive production of insulin is one of the ways the ovulation process becomes irregular. As a direct result of a higher than normal level of insulin in your body the production of masculine hormones also increases. This way, even if your organism continues to produce eggs, they are released at irregular intervals, making it very difficult to establish when the perfect moment for conception is. The presence of an increased amount of masculine hormones in your body is signaled by frequent and sometimes intense pelvic pains, significant weight gain and excessive hair growth on your chest, back or face.

Treatments through injection or pills

The normal levels of hormones are reestablished by following a treatment based on injections or pills designed to prevent the production of estrogen in great quantities, by blocking the receptors located in the brain. This way, the body is stimulated to produce more LH and FSH, two hormones that play an important role in the production of healthy eggs and follicles. Metformin is also administrated, in order to keep the level of insulin under control.

Surgical procedure available for PCOS

PCOS can also be treated with the help of invasive surgical procedures. One of these, ovarian drilling, consists of destroying a little part of the ovary, so that the level of masculine hormones be lowered, allowing you to have a normal ovulation. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is another procedure designed to help you to get pregnant, in spite of being affected from PCOS.

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