Fertility and Vitamin E

Fertility and Vitamin E

It is no lie that vitamins are essential for the healthy operations our bodies do from day to day. Without vitamins, our bodies would be in distress. Each vitamin available does something different for the body. The body also uses each vitamin in a different way as well. Vitamins have a purpose of their own and should be taken as directed to ensure proper nutrition. We oftentimes get many of the vitamins we need each day from the food we eat. That is why it is essential having a proper diet established. However if you are like any other woman who is trying to conceive then research on every fertility vitamin is crucial. Fertility and vitamin E has been linked in a very positive way! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Vitamin E and the reproductive system

Of course there are the conventional drugs that a doctor can prescribe but because research shows that vitamin E does so much for the female and male reproductive system, what can it hurt to take a dosage of it each day? Nothing!

Vitamin E for sperm production

Male and females alike need vitamins for all different purposes; however, vitamin E is crucial for healthy sperm production! When a male is deficient in this vitamin the body reacts in a very negative fashion!

• Impede sperm formation
• Decline in sex hormones
• Decline in sex enzyme that are used in sperm production

Vitamin E and how it helps IVF patients

There has been great studies where men who were previous IVF patients who showed lowered sperm count were treated orally with a dosage of vitamin E for around three months. The fertilization rates by these males increased by ten percent in just those months! Imagine if one was to continue the vitamin E supplement for a longer period of time, the numbers would begin to rise even higher!

Vitamin E as cervical mucus regulator

Vitamin E also helps to regulate the production of cervical mucus in females. So this vitamin is important not just males but for females as well.

Vitamin E as health enhancer

Those who are considering taking vitamin E, the suggested dosage are 400 IU tablets twice per day to enhance your health. There are several foods which you can add to your already healthy diet to increase vitamin E intake such as:

• Green leafy vegetables
• Vegetable oils
• Nuts
• Eggs
• Wheat germ

Vitamin E and possible negative responses

There have been cases of rare negative responses to vitamin E intake such as:

• Abdominal pain
• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Flu symptoms

One should always consult their medical professional before starting or stopping any kind of medication. This is important because in order for your doctor to treat your condition he/she must know all the medications and vitamins you are ingesting to give you proper treatment.

The bottom line

Fertility and vitamin E has shown great strides and perhaps you are willing to start consuming this vitamin as a way of self-help treatment. Please remember to try not tp stress as stress can be detrimental to the whole process itself. Stress has been linked to problems with the menstrual cycle and ovulation in females. Males often do not perform at their best when they are in a stressed mood. Take your time and live healthy.

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