Fertility Blends for Women

Fertility Blends for Women

While for some women, who are affected by infertility, getting pregnant implies undergoing a series of complicated and high costing fertilization procedures, for others, the dream of motherhood can be fulfilled much easier. This is because, sometimes, an extra supply of minerals and vitamins is all their body needs for the reproductive organs to function properly. If you belong to the latter mentioned category, here is a list with five of the most popular fertility blends for women. Each product can be used as it is or associated with some other infertility treatment, offering you the plus of immunity and health you need in order to conceive rapidly and to give birth to a healthy baby.
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This fertility blend combines the most effective vitamins, minerals, and herbs available to treat a plethora of infertility problems. Fertibella ConceiveEasy comes in tablet form, taken once daily, and comes in labelled bottles with 12 monthly blends currently available. Begin with MOnth 1, and continue on through the months until pregnancy is achieved.

Folic acid

Folic acid is one of the best known and used fertility supplements, being prescribed both as a conception aid and during pregnancy. It plays an important part in the formation of the baby’s DNA, preventing birth defects.


L-arginine is an amino acid that can be found in foods such as fish, red meat and dairy products. However, sometimes it is not assimilated in a sufficient quantity, so you must take it as a supplement. It improves the quality of the cervical mucus, so that the sperm can fertilize the egg easier. Also, it takes care of the health of your circulatory system during pregnancy.


Chasteberry helps the pituitary gland to produce the “pregnancy hormones”, estrogen and progesterone, in sufficient amounts and it regulates the ovulation cycles. It is one of the best known fertility blends for women, having been used for centuries as a treatment for ovulation dysfunctions.

Iron, zinc and magnesium

Minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium have an important contribution when it comes to maintaining the health of the entire reproductive system. Magnesium regulates the frequency of the menstrual periods, helping you to calculate the moment of ovulation more precisely. On the other hand, providing your body with the daily dose of magnesium contributes to the reduction of stress. Zinc maintains the blood vessels healthy and it is a good conception aid, balancing the hormonal secretions. Iron is another mineral that is very important for the health of your reproductive organs, reducing the effects of the irregular ovulation.

Vitamins B6 and B12

B6 and B12 are two vitamins that play an important part in the proper absorption of folic acid, helping you to conceive. They also contribute to keeping the hormonal secretions at the right level for the conception to occur. After the egg is fertilized, you must supply your body with the necessary daily amount of these vitamins for a normal development of the embryo and fetus.

Of course, these substances can be found all together, in many fertility supplements, in pharmacies and online, so read the list of ingredients carefully.

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