Fertility Drugs and IUI

Fertility Drugs and IUI

Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, is a great fertility treatment option for many couples. It involves the sperm being delivered directly to a woman’s uterus when she is ovulating. It is sometimes performed naturally, but it is often performed in conjunction with fertility drugs to help a woman’s body produce multiple eggs. One of the most popular drugs used for this is Clomid. Sometimes the process of IUI along with fertility drugs is referred to as “superovulation“, “controlled ovarian hyperstimulation” or “ovulation induction by hormone therapy”. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

IUI with fertility drugs

Most doctors agree that performing IUI along with fertility drugs gives a woman a much better chance to conceive that just using IUI alone. The average success rate for IUI coupled with fertility drugs is around 35%, while just IUI alone or “naturally” is only around 10 percent. You can see why most doctors like to perform IUI in conjunction with fertility drugs, since it increases the success rate so much. There are two main drugs that doctors usually give along with IUI treatments, and now we are going to talk about those.

Fertility drug options

Like we said before, Clomid is the most popular drug of choice to give along with IUI. It is easy to take, and well tolerated in most patients. The average rate of pregnancy when Clomid is used is around five to ten percent per cycle, which is pretty good. However, some doctors choose to use gonadotropins, which are injection medications. There is a little bit better success rate when using gonadotropins, with the success rate being around fifteen percent per cycle. This is because gonadotropins usually stimulate more egg production than Clomid. Either one of these medications is a good choice for IUI however, and will help increase your chances of pregnancy.

IUI process

IUI is usually a very well tolerated procedure, with minimal side effects. A woman will usually begin taking fertility drugs during the first few days of her menstrual cycle, in order to stimulate the ovaries into releasing multiple eggs. Once the doctor determines that it is time for you to ovulate, you will be injected with your partner’s sperm via a catheter directly into your uterus. The process of injecting the sperm doesn’t take long, maybe around an hour or two, and you should be able to take a pregnancy test within two weeks. Simple as that. As you can see, IUI can be a great fertility treatment method for many couples. Ask your doctor if he or she thinks IUI would be a good choice for you.

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