Fertility Drugs Pros and Cons

Fertility Drugs Pros and Cons

Infertility is a common problem today but thankfully, there are numerous ways to treat it and enjoy the pleasures of being pregnant and giving birth. One of the ways to get pregnant by overcoming infertility is the use of a fertility drug. There are many fertility drugs out there and when you go to the doctor with a fertility issue, he is most likely to start off with a fertility drug for you. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The Pros & Cons

Fertility drugs can actually do wonders for you but there are two sides to a coin. One on side, they can actually change your life for the better and on the other side, the side effects may be too hot to ignore. What to do then? How to decide whether fertility drugs are good or bad?
Well, the best way to do that is to analyze the pros and cons of fertility drugs and to compare them. This will make it easier for you to decide whether you want to go with fertility drugs or not.

Pro: They work!

The biggest pro of fertility drugs is that they WORK! They are effective and they have helped most women get pregnant successfully. The success rate is actually very good and they are definitely worth a shot. In fact, fertility drugs have helped women where other treatments have failed. This tells a lot about fertility drugs! Fertility drugs can bring you all the joy and happiness that you were craving for. There is no bigger joy than the joy of giving birth and fertility drugs will bring you that joy. Aren’t they worth it, then?

Con: Expensive

The biggest con of fertility drugs is that they are super expensive. While they are known to work more often than not, there is no 100 percent guarantee that they will definitely work for you. The sadder part is that most insurance policies do not cover fertility drugs. You will have to pay them from your pocket and that can literally cost you a hand and a leg. Are you willing to stake so much? That is the question you should ask yourself. If you are having financial problems and your financial conditions is not stable, the fertility drugs may actually not be worth the risk. Are you willing to pin all your hopes to them when there is no guarantee of success? Think about it.

Con: Side effects

Besides this huge con, there are smaller cons too such as mood swings and discomfort. Mood swings are generally terrible in women who take fertility drugs. Are you up for them?

Pro and Con: Twins?

Fertility drugs can increase your chances of having twins. This is a pro for some and con for some others. What is it for you? Do you want to have just one baby or twins or multiples?


Fertility drugs have their pros and cons. It is completely up to YOU to decide whether they are worth it. It all depends on whether you can afford them and whether you are willing to do everything possible to have a baby. Think about it and make the right decision.

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