Fertility Food

Fertility Food

There are not many people that are aware that food does affect fertility. It has taken years for medical professionals to fully understand the total effects; however, they are making strides each and every day! Fertility food is relevant to those who are trying to conceive. What an easy way to enhance your fertility by just changing your ways of eating. This is truly a self-help method that costs nothing but time choosing the food you consume each day. The body will thank you and your fertility will be in fact improved. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Fertility foods for women

Normally people tend to over think the obvious solutions. Living a better lifestyle means eating healthy and being active means you are living an overall better health. This increases fertility and decreases stress. Stress is not good for any person wanting to conceive, as both male and female reproduction systems will negatively react to it. Here are the most common fertility foods for women that help pack a powerful fertility punch.

• Wheats: vitamins & fiber

• Plant Protein

• Full-Fat Dairy

• Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

• Omega 3 rich foods: helps baby’s brain development

• Unsaturated foods

• Fish: protein

• Iron enriched foods: prevents you from being so tired

• A lot of water: clean healthy body

• Prenatal Vitamins

• Folic Acid: at least a consumption of 400 micrograms per day

Fertility foods for men

While there is not a study that fully confirms the connection between dieting and fertility, it is strongly believed to go hand in hand. This is very much reality because being healthy does help your body stay in great condition. A well balanced body does indeed help when trying to get pregnant quicker. Your medical professional will be able to give you a more direct answer pertaining to your current health and previous health conditions.

• More Calcium

• More Vitamin D

• More Zinc

• More Vitamin C

• No Alcohol (or very little)

• More Folic Acid

• Pumpkin Seeds

• Oysters

• Fruits and Vegetables

• Pomegranate Juice

Things to avoid

There are very specific reasons why one should avoid these things. Not only do they slow your body down but they also clutter your mind. A healthy body and mind is crucial when trying to conceive. Menstrual cycles and ovulation can be easily disrupted by careless lifestyle decisions. Remember though anyone can decide to change and do the right things.

• Drugs

• Alcohol


• Excessive caffeine

Artificial sweeteners

• Food binges

• Not getting enough sleep

• Over exercising

Talk to your physician

You should always speak with your primary care physician before making any life changing health decisions such becoming pregnant. When you feel that you are ready to attempt at being a parent it is good to let your doctor in on that news. He or she can help you find the perfect path whether it is through eating correctly or exercising more frequently. This is also a good decision if you are trying to make any big life changing decisions in order to do so. In moments like that your body can undergo stress which also causes problems with your fertility. It does not hurt to consume wholesome fertility food. There are ways to prepare your body for a baby, take the proper precautions and speak with your doctor.

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