Fertility Medicine

Fertility Medicine

The world of fertility medicine has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago that fertility options for couples who had trouble getting pregnant were few and far between. Often, if a couple couldn’t get pregnant on their own, they were told to simply adopt or be subjected to years and years of costly and invasive treatments that might or might not work. That is a thing of the past! Fertility medicine has changed so much, and recent developments make it easier than ever to deal with fertility problems. Today we’re going to look at a few of the most popular treatment methods in fertility medicine, so you can get an idea of what exactly is out there. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


Clomid is by far the most popular fertility medication in the USA today. It is usually very well tolerated, and given in a pill form. It is also usually very, very effective. Clomid is given to help jump start ovulation in women who might not be ovulating on their own, for various reasons. It is so effective that it has been proven to jumpstart ovulation in right around 80 percent of women who take it. The pregnancy rates are also pretty good- around 45% of women who take Clomid will become pregnant within six months (cycles) of being on the drug. Clomid is usually around $50-$60 per cycle, not counting doctor’s visit costs, or monitoring, just the medication itself. All of these reasons contribute to what makes Clomid the most popular fertility treatment method today, and the first choice of most fertility doctors.


Gonadotropins are another form of fertility medication, this time given via injections into the muscle tissue or under the skin. Gonadotropins are normally recommended when first round treatments like Clomid don’t work, and doctor’s think that a woman might benefit from an “extra boost”. Gonadoptropins are much more potent than oral drugs like Clomid, and can jump start ovulation where Clomid might have failed. If you are going to have another Assisted Reproductive Treatment done, such as IVF, sometimes Gonadotropins can be used to help you produce multiple eggs for the treatment. Gonadoptropins are usually a bit more successful than oral drugs like Clomid, but they come at a higher cost (around $2500+ for one round of treatment), and have more side effects than other treatments. The chance of having twins or multiples is also much higher with Gonadotropins, somewhere around 18%, compared to around 8% on oral drugs like Clomid.


There are of course, many other treatments for infertility, but the two listed above are the most common and popular medicines. The other options are mostly treatments, including GIFT, ZIFT, and IVF, that are even more costly than the oral and injection medications listed here.

Egg and sperm donors

There are even more options out there too, including egg donors, sperm donors, and even surrogates. The bottom line? Fertility medicine today is so advanced that there are a ton of options for any couple that is having trouble conceiving. Don’t be discouraged if you have had trouble getting pregnant on your own, the odds are in your favor that fertility medicine will be able to help.

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