Fertility Meds Over the Counter

Fertility Meds Over the Counter

If you have reached the point where you feel you can no longer wait to get pregnant, you are probably considering taking fertility medication. It is best that you visit your doctor and discover the reasons why you cannot conceive, as the treatment should be chosen in correlation with the cause. However, there are fertility meds over the counter that you can try at first. Here are four fertility treatments that are available without prescription. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


This is a safe and all-natural fertility solution that is meant to deal with issues such as ovulatory dysfunctions, irregular cycles, amenorrhea (lack of periods), cervical mucus problems or hormonal imbalances. Fertibella can positively impact a woman’s body through ovulatory stimulation, by increasing fertile cervical mucus production or lengthening the luteal phase. You can get the Trying to Conceive Starter Kit to try for free, which means that you will have a pill supply for 60 days, along with some bonus items. These items are pregnancy and ovulation tests and a digital BBT thermometer.


This is a fertility treatment that is only available online. Its key ingredients are herbs, among which are Vitex chaste-berry. Being all-natural, it will not induce the side effects that are common in the chemical-based treatments. Ovulex was created so that the luteal phase can be lengthened, the uterine walls strengthened and relaxed and miscarriages prevented. Just like other treatments, it will not get you pregnant right away, but it will tune your hormones so that your body is finally ready for conceiving. It is recommended that, while taking Ovulex, you also make sure to have a proper diet, exercise regularly and time sexual intercourse appropriately.


This product is also available online, as well as in brick-and-mortar stores. Vitex is a highly effective herb that has been in use for many centuries, used to treat all sorts of female reproductive disorders.

Volume pills

These are pills that have been created for men that face fertility problems and that can be taken without the doctor’s prescription. Volume Pills are intended to grow the number of sperm produced by the male reproductive system. Online stores can provide this product for you. Some of its ingredients are zinc gluconate, panax ginseng extract, ginkgo biloba extract and L-arginine.

If you are looking for natural aids to help you get pregnant, take a look at these fertility meds over the counter and discuss them with your doctor to see which one would suit you better.

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