Best Fertility Vitamins and Herbs to Boost Fertility

Are ready to embark on the TTC (trying to conceive) journey? You are likely already aware of some ways to prepare yourself for getting ready for it. This means you will get checked out by your doctor to see if your overall health is satisfactory to start attempting to conceive. Men and women both are aware of the fact that they need to be at an acceptable weight. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Women know that they need to gain or lose weight in order to conceive quicker and reduce the risks of experiencing weight-related pregnancy complications. And men have been likely told by their doctors that if they are overweight, it can reduce their sperm count.

That is because fat stores extra estrogen in both women and men. Too much estrogen in men’s bodies can disrupt their hormonal and testosterone levels, which will impede proper sperm production.

Testosterone levels in men

If women have too much estrogen due to excess fat, that can disrupt other hormones such as not allowing the follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone from doing their job which is helping the eggs mature. In other words, too much estrogen in women’s bodies can prevent ovulation from happening.

Therefore, both men and women who have excess fat will not be as fertile.

However both men and women not only need to lose weight if they are overweight in order to increase their chances of conceiving (or gain weight if they are underweight) but they need to make these weight adjustments by adopting the fertility diet which is composed of foods that are rich in the vitamins and minerals to help with promoting fertility on both sides.


Fertility Vitamins

Here are the needed vitamins for men and women to help their chances of achieving a healthy conception:

Folic Acid: This has been a known fact for a long time that folic acid helps prevent birth defects when women take it before becoming pregnant, but did you know it also improves fertility?

In fact, men also benefit from taking folic acid because studies have indicated that sperm counts and quality are healthier. Both men and women must take a folic acid supplement at least 3 months before attempting to conceive that is at least 400 mcg. However, foods such as green leafy vegetables, eggs, lentil, citrus fruits, bananas, carrots, and avocados are rich in this important component of the fertility diet as well.

Vitamin C: If men don’t take enough Vitamin C, it can cause sperm to clump together which is harmful to their fertility. Men who take vitamin C each day will see an improvement in sperm count and motility. Also, Vitamin C can improve the chances of conceiving for women who are on Clomid or in general. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, mangoes, and peppers. It is important to take a supplement as well.

Vitamins B6 and B12: B6 has been shown to increase fertility in women, and after pregnancy has been achieved, this vitamin can help ease the effects of morning sickness. B12 also helps to improve sperm count in men. Foods that are rich in both are dairy, fish, poultry, grains, and fortified cereal.

Vitamin E: If women increase their Vitamin E intake, they will end up with more abundant cervical mucus that helps sperm travel in the fallopian tube better. Vitamin E has been found to increase the probability of success with IVF procedures as well. Foods that are rich in Vitamin E are eggs, nuts, seeds, olives, peanut butter, tomatoes, and avocados.

Zinc: Zinc not only maintains testosterone production in men which ends up leading to improved sperm count and motility but it also helps women use estrogen and progesterone more efficiently which leads to healthier cycles and proper ovulation. Foods that are rich in zinc are oysters, spinach, seeds, nuts, and beef. However, because red meat can increase cholesterol levels which will disrupt hormonal levels, it is best to keep the intake of beef limited.

Selenium: This antioxidant helps reduce the risk of birth defects, and also increases sperm count in men. Foods that are rich in selenium are brazil nuts, sardines, liver, turkey, chicken, tuna, and beef. However, women especially should limit beef intake for reasons discussed above. And women must be careful when it comes to eating tuna since this fish can contain high levels of mercury which can cause birth defects.

Iron: Women who have been infertile usually are iron deficient, as iron is necessary to keep hormones balanced. Iron-rich foods are dark chocolate, spinach, lentil, tofu, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, black beans, turkey, and beef, but again- be careful not to consume too much red meat due to the possible increase in cholesterol.

Prenatal Vitamins: It is advised that women take a prenatal vitamin when they begin to try to become pregnant because it is not possible to receive the right amount of nutrients recommended from food alone. Prenatal vitamins are like insurance.

prenatal vitamins for women trying to conceive

Both men and women must also limit intake of refined carbohydrates and sugar like white bread, white rice, candy, potato chips, pasta and foods that are filled with trans fats such as fast food and pastries. That is because sugar can be detrimental to insulin and blood sugar levels which will have a negative impact on both male and female fertility. The same goes for caffeine, and it is best to limit to having 1 cup of coffee a day. Ditch the booze, drugs, and cigarettes as well.

While increasing your chances of conceiving by getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is important, however, both men and women can take herbal remedies to help promote fertility as well.


Fertility Herbs

In fact, the use of herbal remedies for infertility have been used since 200AD, and these herbs are made from fruits, bark, leaves, roots, and flowers. They either come in tablet form, pills, tincture or in teas.

These herbs have been shown to have a positive effect on the hormonal system, libido as well as reproductive organs. If libido is poor, then sex won’t happen, and that means there will be no chance of creating the baby that you have been wanting to create. So you have to have all 3 above in proper working order so that you can conceive.

Fertility herbs are extremely helpful for helping to regulate menstrual periods as well as hormonal imbalances that disrupt ovulation and are helpful to male fertility as well. Let’s first take a look at what fertility herbs are helpful to women:


Fertility Herbs for Women

Chastetree Berry: Chastetree Berry is also known as Vitex Angus, and it is used to help balance hormones by stimulating the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces sex hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone.

Red Clover: Red Clover is one of the most popular herbal fertility remedies because it not only helps nourish the uterus, but it also helps to balance hormones and helps to relax the nervous system. Red Clover is also high in vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.

red clover for women trying to conceive

False Unicorn Root: This herb not only helps restore hormonal imbalance but helps promote ovulation.

Black Cohosh: Black Cohosh is used to improve hormone functioning due to its phytoestrogens, and it also is used in the prevention of miscarriage and in the treatment of menopause.

Dong Quai: This Chinese fertility herb has been known to balance estrogen levels, as well as improve the chances of embryo implantation.

Raspberry Leaf: This herb is there to help nourish the uterus, and improve hormonal balance, and has been said to be most effective when used with Red Clover.

Lady’s Mantle: This herb has been known to regulate the cycle, as well as to help build up the uterine lining or endometrium.

Stinging Nettle: This herb is known to balance the body’s hormones, ovulation, and menstruation. What is great about this herb is that it is also high in chlorophyll and minerals.

Fertility Blends: If the world of fertility herbs above sounds a little overwhelming to you, you may wish to look into taking a fertility blend. These all-natural supplements are a pre-measured concoction of fertility herbs, vitamins and minerals, taken in a daily pill. Blends like ConceiveEasy TTCKit do just this for you, and even come with an array of trying to conceive goodies to help you on your journey.

FertiBella ConceiveEasy TTC Kit

These herbal fertility remedies are excellent for women, and there are some excellent ones for men to take as well that can help improve their sperm counts and mobility.


Fertility Herbs for Men

Astralagus: This herb is known to help improve sperm motility and count.

Tribulus: This herbal remedy helps regulate hormones and increases testosterone.

Panax Ginseng: This herb is also known as Chinese or Korean ginseng, and it is a popular infertility remedy in Chinese medicine for men. This herb is known to increase testosterone levels which also help increase sperm count, as well as sperm motility.

Saw Palmetto: This herb is known to promote prostate health, it also seems to increase fertility in men. In fact, women can also benefit from taking this herb since it is known to help regulate hormones.

These remedies may work quite well together, combined as well. However, before you go and buy these herbs, you need to see a naturopathic doctor or a doctor that specializes in Chinese or alternative medicine. A medical doctor will not prescribe herbal remedies for infertility. Not to mention, medical doctors will not treat couples who have been attempting to conceive for less than a year unless there is a known issue that is causing infertility.

saw palmetto for male fertility

You also need to be aware that herbal remedies can have negative interactions with other drugs, and only a naturopathic doctor or a doctor that specializes in alternative medicine will be able to properly guide you on how much of the herbal remedy to take. Or will tell you what herbal remedies to avoid taking due to the risks of it having a negative interaction with another drug you are already on for other purposes.

That being said, use these herbal remedies with extreme caution and get professional advice on how to use them properly. Some herbs are very safe and if you take them hours from taking your prescribed medication, it will usually be fine.


Bottom Line

Unless you have some serious underlying issues that are causing infertility that will require you to go on fertility medication, and undergo fertility procedures such as intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization, the above tips will help. If you go by the fertility diet alone with the necessary vitamins and minerals which were discussed above, you should be able to get pregnant quickly.

Just be sure to get some moderate amount of exercise, such as taking half-hour walks 5 times a week. Don’t get too much exercise because that will only stress out your body, which will cause hormonal imbalances. You can also do some swimming, take light aerobics, or take Zumba classes if you wish.

And at the same time, having a sedentary lifestyle will also cause the same problem because if you don’t get activity, your cholesterol levels increase, and so does your blood sugar and insulin levels which is bad for both female and male fertility.

Be sure to de-stress as much as possible as high stress will also have a negative impact on fertility, for both men and women. Life is stressful as it is, and that is why it is even more crucial to take measures in reducing stress levels. Take up yoga or learn how to meditate. It is important to unwind after a long day by reading a good book and drinking some tea, and watching light comedies or listening to music that you enjoy.

yoga and fertility for women trying to conceive

Therefore, if you are taking your doctor’s advice and losing or gaining weight to get to an acceptable level for conception, eating the right foods with the best vitamins and minerals that help with boosting fertility, as keeping your stress levels to a minimum while getting the right exercise- you will have no problems conceiving, unless like it was mentioned before that there are underlying issues causing infertility.

If you are set on using herbs to boost fertility, then again it is important to go to a reputable doctor that specializes in alternative medicine to help you increase your chances of conceiving even more. Best of luck with everything, and hopefully very soon you will have a new addition to add to your own family.

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