Fertility Vitamins

Fertility Vitamins

Some women who are trying to conceive prefer to do things the “natural” way with herbs and over the counter vitamins and minerals. This does work for some women, but like snowflakes, no two women are the same. Speak to your doctor before removing or adding anything to your diet or medications in case of interference with other things in your life. Your doctor can get you started on the right path in this journey. Below are a list of fertility supplements and what they do to help with the fertility enhancing process. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Maca Root

This may be used to increase the libido in order to have regular intercourse. Having sex regularly will help with the fertility, this does sound crazy but studies have shown that couples that have sex regularly do not have as much trouble getting pregnant as others. So include Maca root in your daily regime to help get the juices flowing.

Vitamin B, B6 and B12

Vitamin B, B6 and B12 are essential in fertility and hormonal balancing. Since these vitamins are water soluble they leave your body with urination and needs to frequently be replaced. Some ways foods you can eat to replace this without taking a pill are:

*chili pepper

Folic Acid

Not only is this pertinent to your fertility but it is also good for baby once conception has occurred. This is also called “folate” and is part of the Vitamin B family. Since your body cannot hold folic acid you must constantly replenish this vitamin. Below are a few foods to consume to help rebuild this acid:

*egg yolks
*whole grains
*dark green leafy vegetables

Vitamin A

What a wonderful antioxidant to use prior to and after conception. Small doses are best. Foods best for this vitamin are:


Vitamin C

Another great antioxidant. This is great for healthy ovulation and sperm production. Below are some foods good for this vitamin.

*Brussels sprouts

Vitamin E

While we are not sure quite why, it is clear that low levels of vitamin E can be a huge contributor of low fertility in both men & women. Vitamin E can be found in:

*brown rice
*soya beans
*wheat germ cereal
*dark leafy vegetables
*sunflower seeds
*brown rice


Is important in both males and females during the preconception process. Zinc helps with sperm count and sperm motility in men. Zinc is a natural compound that you can find it:

*pumpkin seeds


Is extremely important in blood production which is vital in the preconception and conception processes.


There are many other vitamins and minerals that are important when it comes to preconception and fertility. If you keep your body healthy and supplement anything you may be lacking, your fertility should only come down to something being medically wrong. At this point it is important to see your doctor to discuss other problems and have tests run to determine what these may be.

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