Free Ovulation Tests

Free Ovulation Tests

Ovulation is the time between your menstruation and your luteal phase. This typically tends to be about a five day window when the egg has been released from the follicle and is beginning to pass through the fallopian tubes into the uterus. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Why is ovulation important?

Ovulation is very important when it comes to child bearing. This can help you either become pregnant or avoid becoming pregnant. This is the easiest time during your cycle that your egg can become fertilized. If your ovulation is “off” then infertility becomes a problem.

Can you balance your ovulation?

There are a few ways to do this. With medication that your doctor provides you, you may balance your ovulation cycle. Or with natural herbs this can help be controlled as well.

Are there ways to test your ovulation?

The doctor may perform a few tests to determine if you are ovulating “on schedule” so to speak. This will be your financial obligation however, or if you have health coverage it will be billed after you have met your deductible. These tests however only test to see if you are ovulating regularly as a normal female would.

Are there free ovulation tests?

Yes. A few simple ways to get a free ovulation test to determine exactly when your “window of opportunity” will be. These can be used monthly (or more often really), to help you conceive. One way of receiving a free test is to ask a friend. Sounds crazy, but if you know of someone that had a hard time conceiving but is pregnant now, she may loan you hers that she no longer needs to use in your endeavors. Another way of getting a “free” ovulation test is to take part in the “Clear Blue” study. Simply go to their website, sign up for their study and they will send you a three month conception kit, at the end of those three months if you have not conceived, they will send you a 3 month ovulation kit which includes tests. Another way to get free ovulation tests is to purchase Fertibella ConceiveEasy 2-month TTC Starter Kit, which includes 2 months of fertility supplements, a BBT thermometer, as well as 20 bonus ovulation tests.

Free Ovulation Tests - ConceiveEasy TTC Kit

Old fashioned calendar

You could also use a good old fashioned calendar. Sounds crazy right? To think that people back in the day did not have ovulation kits or tests and we all still managed to make it here right? They must have known somehow- perhaps it was a calendar. All kidding aside, over a few months chart your menstrual cycle, first day of your period, when your vaginal discharge is thicker and creamier in color. Over a few months you can determine when you will ovulate. This typically falls two weeks before the beginning of your NEXT period. You will not ovulate just that one day; it is typically a few days before and after that as well. This is your “window.”

Ovulation tests can be rather expensive if you go out and buy one from your local drug store, so try your other options first. Not all hope is lost until you give up. Keep your head up, speak to your doctor and figure out what works best for you.

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