Get Pregnant Quick

Get Pregnant Quick

There are many actions a woman can take to get her on the road to pregnancy sooner. Usually once a woman makes up her mind to have a baby, the process can sometimes seem to drag, even without fertility issues. The following tips and tricks should have you knocked up before you can say “stretch marks”. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Know your cycle

To start off, one needs to keep general track of their menstrual cycle. This means simply mark down on a calendar when your period starts and stops. By doing this, you will be able to gauge the average length of your cycle.

Track your cycle

Tools like ovulation tests can help you pinpoint when you ovulate and crucial for conception. Books like Taking Charge of Your Fertility can help you learn about your cycle and the clues that point to ovulation. There are also apps and free websites that help you track your cycle. Tracking your cycle, keeping record of the start and stop days of your period and when you ovulate is how you get to know your cycle. A few months of diligent record keeping can help you see patterns and even predict ovulation. This takes some organization but, it can come in handy should a fertility specialist be required. You’ll thank yourself for knowing your cycles and you’ll be better equipped to answer any questions the doctor may have.

Ovulation predictor kit

If tracking your cycle the old-fashioned way sounds too hard for you, then you can make use of a number of fertility aids out there. Ovulation predictor kits are used just like an at-home pregnancy test, but it measures when your body is about to ovulate so you can time intercourse best. You can buy these over the counter online or at drug stores. There are also fertility monitors available, to digitally keep track of your cycle and ovulation.

Eat for fertility

If you searched the internet right now you would come up with thousands of hits on the topic regarding the correlation between diet and fertility. But, it is common sense. Don’t eat tons of junk. This is not only something that everyone should do regardless of whether they are trying to conceive or not, but it is something that if one does become pregnant, she should continue throughout pregnancy and after (especially is the mother chooses to nurse!) Not only that but, obesity during pregnancy can put the mother at risk for complications such as gestational diabetes. So regardless of whether a certain food promises high sperm counts and regular cycles, a healthy diet should be pursued for the benefits of a healthy weight for conception.

Take fertility vitamins

Healthy meal choices are not the only thing women should do (and men) to speed things along when it comes to trying to get pregnant. There are various vitamins and supplements sold that can boost fertility. Fertibella for women is one example. It contains Vitamins C, E, and the same dosage of folic acid found in the standard pre-natal vitamin. However, what separates it from a pre-natal vitamin is the fertility boosting herbs it contains. There is also a Fertibella for men that are geared towards supporting healthy sperm counts.

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