Getting Pregnant After 45

Don’t wait too long

Out of the many reasons behind infertility, age is a significant one especially for women. As you age, your fertility comes down very significantly. This is the reason why many doctors advise you to not wait until your old age to get pregnant. They recommend your twenties as the best time to get pregnant. Pregnancy in your twenties will be easy right from the start. You are not likely to face any major problems throughout the forty weeks of pregnancy either. With increase in age, the problems will increase significantly and things can be very difficult for you. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Don’t lose hope

However, in case you have waited for a long time to get pregnant and are in your forties, you shouldn’t lose hope. Technology has seen a lot of improvement in the past decade and science has enabled a number of things that were not considered possible before. Even if you are aged over forty-five, you may have a chance to get pregnant. There is always hope for you and you should not be disappointed yet. Even if natural ways don’t work out for you, there are medical treatments that will work just fine.
Here is some important information about getting pregnant after 45 and the issues that you are likely to face:

Ovarian Reserve

The reason why your fertility decreases with age is your ovarian reserve or the number of eggs you have. Every woman is born with a particular number of eggs and this number will not go up at all. This number will only dwindle as you age. Know that with each cycle of menstruation you lose one egg. In your twenties you are highly fertile and you have a number of eggs in your reserve but by the time you hit 40, that number will come down considerably. After 45, the number will be even low. The leftover eggs are usually not normal and are incapable of being fertilizes.

Abnormal remaining eggs

Remember that the body picks out the best each month. The remaining eggs are those, which have not been chosen earlier by your body because they are not the best of the lot. These remaining eggs are usually abnormal and in the off chance that fertilization occurs, your baby may be born with severe birth defects such as Down syndrome. Hence you should be very careful about this issue.


Natural pregnancy is very rare after the age of 45. You may need to resort to fertility treatments such as using an egg donor in order to get pregnant. Talk to your doctor and find out your options.

Issues with Pregnancy

You can’t breathe if you get pregnant.
If you successfully get pregnant after 45, know that it is just the start. There are a number of things that you should be aware of such as pregnancy complications, which are very likely after the age of 45. Hypertension and gestational diabetes are two such problems. Chances of a miscarriage are also high after 45. Other complications include underweight babies, premature birth, and stillbirth.


Don’t delay anymore. The more you delay, the fewer will your chances of getting pregnant be. Discuss with your doctor about your options and what you can do to get pregnant after 45.

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