Getting Pregnant after Abortion

An abortion is very traumatic. It can shatter you beyond repair and coping up with it can be very difficult. However, you should not lose all hope. You should learn to accept it mentally and physically and move on because it is possible to get successfully pregnant even after an abortion. Just because you lost a baby does not mean you will lose another one. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

You may get really scared to take a chance again because you are worried the same thing will happen again and you just don’t have the strength to cope up with it. Such thoughts are completely justified. However, being high and dry will not help you. Look on the brighter side: you can still get pregnant successfully. Know that you are not alone at all. There have been many cases of abortion before and you are not the only one. You aren’t the first and you definitely won’t be the last.

Here are a few steps to help you with getting pregnant after abortion:

Meet with your physician

Your doctor will be able to advise you correctly about getting pregnant after abortion. She will know why you suffered with the abortion and she will give you advice likewise. She will conduct a physical examination to know if you are ready to get pregnant again. The examination will reveal any problem with the cervix or the uterus due to the abortion. If everything is okay, the doctor will give you the nod to go ahead with trying to get pregnant.


You have to be very healthy to get pregnant again. Don’t indulge in bad habits out of depression and stress. If you already have bad habits, get rid of them immediately. Bad habits such as alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking will only harm you. They come with no good effects whatsoever. Also, lower your caffeine intake.

Include healthy foods in your diet such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to promote the health of your reproductive system.


Being healthy physically is not enough. You have to be healthy mentally also. Your body has suffered trauma and it needs time to overcome it. Your body needs to come back to normal and you should give your body that time. Doctors say that you should wait at least for eight weeks after abortion to try getting pregnant.

Remember that you should be mentally prepared too. It may take time but that’s completely okay.


Have sex frequently. That will increase your chances of getting pregnant. You can also work to increase the sperm count of your male partner. Frequent sex is good but try giving a gap of three days after intense sex. That will help replenish the sperm count.

Additionally, place a pillow under your hips and after sex, lie down still for 25 minutes to help the sperm reach the egg.


Along with having frequent sex, you should time your sex right. Make sure you definitely have sex while you are ovulating. If you don’t know when that’d be, it’d be ideal to buy an ovulation prediction kit to help you.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t get pregnant after abortion. Just be positive and try.

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