Getting Pregnant after Birth

Getting pregnant after birth

So you just had a baby. Are you under the impression that you can’t get pregnant for the next few months even if you try? Yes? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Don’t be under this false notion at all. Despite what many people think, you can indeed get pregnant immediately after having a baby. Thus, if you want to avoid having a baby in quick succession, you should not be so careless. Did you know that many doctors actually say that immediately after giving birth you are highly fertile? Surprising, right? It is true, actually.

You are capable of getting pregnant even before your first period after giving birth. There have actually been such cases. However, if you are looking to get pregnant immediately after birth, you should think about a few things concerning your fertility. A few such things have been mentioned as follows:


Once you begin breastfeeding, chances of getting pregnant will hit rock bottom. If you are only breastfeeding your baby with no formula at all and if your periods have not returned, there are 98% chances of NOT getting pregnant at all. Breastfeeding is actually a very effective form of birth control.

Once your periods come back to normal, you will be able to get pregnant again. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, you should start taking birth control measures at this time. If you want to get pregnant while breastfeeding, you should decrease the frequency of breastfeeding and replace it with formula.

Fertile time

In case you are not breastfeeding solely, you will have to look for other means of birth control because chances of getting pregnant will be restored for you. As aforementioned, after giving birth you are highly fertile and you should have protected sex during this time to avoid getting pregnant so soon. If you want to have a baby again so quickly, go on. You will have Irish twins!

Many women take time to become fertile again. Sometimes they take months. However, one can’t say how long it will take and what she should do to regain it. Every body is different and so is the functioning of the body. A general consensus can’t be reached here.

Here are a few things that you must remember

Chances of getting pregnant don’t depend on the type of delivery you had. Whether it was vaginal or whether it was C-section, chances are equal for getting pregnant after birth.

Many women prefer waiting until the doctor clears them completely but this is not the case in all instances.

The thing to remember the most is that there are chances of getting pregnant every time you have unprotected sex, whether it is immediately after birth or a few months later. Thus, you should plan accordingly.

If you want a baby, don’t bother about anything and you can have sex immediately afterwards unless the doctor recommends that you wait. If you don’t want to have a baby, be very careful! Use protection every time you have sex and don’t be careless because you might end up getting pregnant when you are really not ready for it.

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