Getting Pregnant after Tubal Ligation

Getting Pregnant after Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation is a contraceptive measure. It is a surgical procedure that is performed so that the women don’t get pregnant. This procedure is more or less permanent but there are a few women who end up changing their mind after tubal ligation. Now they want a baby! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How is it possible after they have taken a permanent measure to never get pregnant? Well, it can be hard to get pregnant after tubal ligation but know that it is not completely impossible. There have been a few cases in which women have successfully gotten pregnant. You might have to put in some extra effort to get pregnant.

If you are among those who have gone for tubal ligation but now want a baby, here are a few steps that you MUST follow to increase your chances of getting pregnant:

Mental preparation

Getting pregnant is HUGE. You have to be mentally prepared for it. You have lived for years thinking that you will never get pregnant again and you even took measures to ensure that. Now that you have changed your mind, you have to be very well prepared to get pregnant.

When you want to get pregnant after tubal ligation, your doctor will perform a surgery called reversal of the tubal ligation. You should be completely prepared for this surgical procedure. You should tell yourself that even after that procedure it could take time for you to get pregnant; sometimes a few months and sometimes years!

Consult a physician

Before deciding that you want to go for the reversal procedure, you have to talk to the expert about it. Ask your physician about the steps involved in the procedure and how much it will cost you. The specialist will also tell you about the risks of going for the reversal procedure and whether you should go for it at all. He might even give you an alternative to go for.

You might have to spend days in the hospital, too. You will be under supervision for a few days. You should consider all these factors before making a decision.


Getting pregnant after tubal ligation revolves around numerous different things. A reversal procedure is only the start. Don’t be under the impression that you will get pregnant as soon as the surgery is successfully completed.

One important thing to do after the surgery is to think about your health. You HAVE to eat a proper diet, which is balanced and nutritious. It should include many fruits and vegetables along with cheese, lean meat, low-fat milk, eggs, and fish.

If you take good care of your body, your body will be prepared for an upcoming pregnancy. Don’t throw your body off balance by suddenly trying to get pregnant without preparation. Your body just might not be ready for it.


Along with keeping your body healthy, keep it fit. Physical exercise is actually very important if you want to stay in shape. Go for moderate exercises so that you are fit. You don’t need to try anything over the top. Exercising for half an hour each day will keep you healthy and fit.

Sperm count

Your male partner’s sperm count must be optimal to increase the chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation. Thus, you should try your best to increase his sperm count. There are a number of steps that you could take such as avoid sports like horse riding and cycling, avoiding hot baths, avoiding alcohol, and so on.


Be persistent and patient after tubal ligation. Things won’t happen in a hurry and you should know that.

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