hCG Shots and Infertility

hCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the pregnancy hormone. It has been given that name because it is released only when you are pregnant. The placenta produces this hormone once you get pregnant and since it is produced ONLY when you conceive, all the pregnancy tests are based on the presence of this hormone in the blood and urine. If its presence is detected, you can be sure that you are pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


hCG Shots

However, there is more to hCG than just the detection of pregnancy. It can be used in a few infertility cases too. Shots of this hormone are given as a fertility treatment. Here is more about it.


Injections of hCG

hCG shots are given to stimulate ovulation. The shot is given when the egg follicle matures in the ovary. At this time, the hormone will ensure that the egg is released. Thus, within 36 hours, ovulation occurs. This phenomenon has helped many couples get pregnant successfully.

Sometimes, they can be the sole fertility treatment and other times they may be given as a part of other, more invasive treatments such including IVF and IUI.

hCG will help your doctors know about the release of the egg and using that information you can time sex correctly. In case of fertility treatments, the doctors will know when exactly the best time is to retrieve the egg or to go for artificial insemination.


Are there any side effects of hCG shots?

Yes, there are.

Your doctor will first monitor you very carefully so that he finds out the presence of the mature egg follicle. Once he detects it through ultrasound or any other process, he will decide when to give you the injection.

There are side effects that you may have to endure but they are not all that severe. Some of the side effects include breast tenderness, breast pain, and breast swelling. Fluid retention is another problem. You also might gain some weight. Other common side effects include irritation, mood swings, and depression.

Sometimes you might experience the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome because of these injections. The symptoms of this syndrome include discomfort, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea. However, you don’t really have to worry because the symptoms will most probably go away in a week or two.


False positive pregnancy test results due to hCG shots

You should remember that hCG is the pregnancy hormone and all the pregnancy tests are based on the presence of this hormone. Thus, you should know when to exactly take the pregnancy test if you are taking hCG shots.

The hCG injected from the shots must be completely out of your system. If you take the test before this happens it is obvious that you will have a false positive pregnancy test result. Don’t put yourself through more worry and pain than you already are in by getting excited with false positive pregnancy test results.

Be patient and ask the doctor when the best time for taking the test is. Follow his advice and there will be no reason for you to go wrong.



If you are taking hCG shots, know about the side effects you may have to go through. Also, know when to take the pregnancy test so that you save yourself from false and short-lived excitement.

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