Getting Pregnant Fast

Getting Pregnant Fast

Nowadays, there are more and more situations when women are unable of getting pregnant fast. Before running to the pharmacy and taking some chemical drugs, hoping that they will make you get pregnant easily, let’s see if both of you are doing everything right. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Here are 5 tips for men and women who want to conceive fast:

Know when you ovulate

The most important thing that a woman needs to know is when ovulation takes place. Most women ovulate once each cycle, when there is a greater chance of getting pregnant fast. Women with irregular cycles should ask for the doctor’s advice in order to determine their ovulation period.

When to have sex

Now that your ovulation period is determined, you can get to the next step. Synchronize with your partner so that the sexual act takes place 3 days prior to ovulation. Sperm can stay alive in a woman’s body for as long as 6 days, so, within these days, the chances of conceiving are increased.

Relax after intercourse

Take some time to relax after sexual intercourse. Studies show that the woman should lie on her back for a few minutes after the sexual act, to increase the chances for the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg.

Avoid getting stressed

Stress and pregnancy do not work well together. If you or your partner are always in a rush or stressed out, do not be surprised if you cannot get pregnant. The hypothalamus is the gland in your brain that regulates the hormones responsible with ovulation. If you are under stress, the ovulation may take place later than usual or may not occur at all in a cycle.

Quit tobacco and recreational drugs

These factors can make sperm function poorly. Smoking can also affect and hinder a woman’s fertility levels as well.

Get rid of alcohol

Studies show that alcohol is the main cause of reduced testosterone levels for male fertility. It also reduces the sperm count and increases abnormalities.

Eat a nutrient-rich diet

Provide your body with the necessary nutrients. Vitamin C and D, zinc, calcium and folic acid help the male body create healthy and strong sperm.

Avoid hot tubs and saunas

Avoid hot baths, saunas and heat in general, as it has been proven that high temperature kills sperm, thus lowering sperm count and affecting your partner’s ability to get you pregnant.

Follow these simple tips and have faith, and you will soon be able to keep your own cute, healthy baby in your arms.

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