Household Chemicals and Fertility

Household Chemicals and Fertility

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It comes as a rude shock to many but there may be chemicals in your house that are affecting your fertility significantly. It was only recently that a warning was released, which said that customers should be very careful about the cosmetics and medicines they use. This is because recent studies found that many medications and cosmetics contain chemicals known as endocrine disrupting chemicals. These cause obesity, diabetes, cancers, and even fertility issues!

Increasing infertility rates

Oh yes, you are thinking right. You indeed have one more thing to be concerned about! If you check the statistics in our nation, you will be baffled to find out how the rates of infertility have gone up in the last two decades. In fact, in 1984 only about five percent young adults were infertile. That percentage has more than doubled to become thirteen percent now! The increase is very significant and the worse part is that you have no idea whom to pin the blame on; there are just too many factors!

How do chemicals play a role?

This is surely a question that is bothering you. You must be wondering how chemicals can affect your fertility. Well, your question is valid and its answer has been explained here.
There are actually numerous things in your household that are dangerous. You may find it difficult to get rid of all of these things but do you really want to have things in your house that can hamper your fertility? Are they really worth it? No, right?
The very name of these chemicals tells you how they affect your fertility. They are Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. This means that they disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system. You endocrine system is your hormone system and if this system is affected, your hormones will go haywire. They will be unbalanced and that will obviously affect your fertility because a number of hormones are very important for fertility.

The harmful chemicals

You may be desperate to know by now, which chemicals actually are toxic so that you get rid of them. Know that there are too many to list! However, here are a few of the most common ones enumerated for you:

Water: Oh yes, water from sewer pipes, leaky septic systems, and storm runoffs is very harmful because it can contain these harmful chemicals.
Food: A number of pesticides are used when foods are grown. These can carry endocrine disrupting chemicals, too.
Products: There are many lotions, cosmetics, body washes, and soaps that may contain these chemicals.
Pesticides: Any pesticides used at home should be checked for these chemicals.
Plastics: Baby bottles, toys, water bottles, dishes, etc. can be the sources of endocrine disrupting chemicals.


It is clear that you are completely surrounded by these chemicals. You can’t eliminate them from your life completely. Even if you manage to eliminate them from your home, they will still be present in public areas!
On your part, you should work to find alternatives so that you at least reduce their use. Talk to your doctor if you think these chemicals are the reason behind your fertility issues.

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