How Being Underweight Affects Fertility

How Being Underweight Affects Fertility

Most people only focus upon the negative impact of being overweight. It is common knowledge that those who are overweight usually face a number of problems when it comes to getting pregnant. Not many people actually think about those who are underweight. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Some doctors say that being underweight is almost as bad as being overweight. Your weight has to be optimal – not more, not less – if you want a healthy and safe pregnancy. A recent study showed that underweight couples face more problems with fertility than normal weight women.

Here are some of the factors that might concern you if you are underweight.


Irregular Menstrual Cycle

This is the most common problem of underweight women. You won’t have regular menstrual cycles more of than not. If you are excessively slim, you may not have periods at all! There is no need to say here that you won’t get pregnant if you don’t menstruate at all.



Even if you get pregnant, being underweight will affect your uterine lining. Thus, sustaining your pregnancy will be very difficult. Miscarriage rates are high in underweight women because the lining of the uterus will be thin and not good enough for proper and safe implantation.


Irregular Ovulation

Along with irregular menstrual cycle, you will face irregular ovulation. This is also pretty common among underweight women and a leading cause of not being able to conceive. If you are extremely slim ovulation may not be regular for you. It will be very interrupted and as a result, it may cause infertility! You might stop menstruating too.

Those with eating disorders should be very careful because chances are high that ovulation will completely stop for you. If it does, it will be impossible for you to get pregnant.


Nutritional Deficiency

It is obvious that you are slim because you don’t eat properly and don’t get the required nutrients. In order to be healthy you need vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin A, folic acid, zinc, copper, calcium, and iron. If you are deficient in any or a few of these you will fail serious troubles while trying to get pregnant.

Each nutrient serves a significant purpose. Depending on that, deficiency can harm you, your baby, or both of you substantially. Take for example folic acid. If there is no folic acid in your body, your baby will be prone to severe neural tube defects.


If the Man is Underweight

Neither of the partners should be underweight. Even an underweight male partner is bad. Men who are underweight usually have low sperm count and that will hamper your chances of getting pregnant. If your weight is not normal, your testosterone levels will be low and that will affect your fertility in a noteworthy manner. Since the testosterone levels are low and the sperm count is also low, the odds of getting pregnant are lower.



Remember that weight is very crucial and you should eat well in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Your diet should be nutritious and healthy so that you gain weight and your fertility is not affected at all.


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