How Can I Get Pregnant?

How Can I Get Pregnant?

How I can pregnant? This question is on the lips of so many women nowadays! If you are struggling to get pregnant and you have had no luck so far, read further to find our top 4 pieces of advice. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Don’t expect immediate pregnancy

Do not expect to have sex and immediately get pregnant, by miracle. Even if it can happen, such cases are very rare nowadays. Most couples manage to get pregnant after one year of trying. If you do not manage to conceive after this period, then it is time to visit a specialist to see if you and your partner have any fertility issues. In order for a woman not to miss a chance to get pregnant, it is advised to have sex three times a week, every week, to cover all the periods before and after ovulation.

Learn about sex positions

While there is no such thing as the best sex position for getting pregnant, some positions are more recommended than others. The positions in which the sperm is not able to leak from the woman’s vagina increase the chances of conceiving. The missionary position is a good start, and the woman can place a pillow under her hips to keep the sperm inside for a longer time. “Doggy style” is also a very good position for getting pregnant. Sex positions where the woman is on top are not recommended, because, in these cases, the sperm is not being held in her body.

Check your health status

Before trying to conceive, check your health status. It is best that both of you see your family doctor and your obstetrics and gynecology doctor. They will tell you if you have untreated infections, sexually transmitted diseases or a poor general health. Any of these factors will lower your chances of getting pregnant. Also, prenatal vitamins must be an important part of your daily regime.

Try natural supplements

Try natural supplements meant to help you get pregnant. Do not lose hope. Maybe your body needs a little help to conceive. A good example of effective natural aids is Fertibella ConceiveEasy. This product has shown incredible results in cases of unexplained infertility. It is affordable, safe as it contains only natural ingredients and has no side effects. Using this supplement is as simple as it can be. All you need to do is to take one pill per day and then monitor the results.

Stop asking yourself: How can I get pregnant? Follow these simple suggestions, have faith and you will see that miracles do happen.

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