How do you Calculate When You Ovulate?

How do you Calculate When You Ovulate?

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What is ovulation?

Most people know that ovulation is the right time to try conceiving because it the time when you are the most fertile. If you time your sex accordingly, chances of getting pregnant will be more. Know that ovulation is the time when the egg is released. The egg lasts for not more than 24 hours and if you want to get pregnant, you should ensure that the sperm are deposited within these 24 hours or even before the egg is released. The sperm can wait for a couple of days too but the egg can’t wait for sperm more than 24 hours. There are a few symptoms of ovulation that can help you track ovulation and calculate the time correctly but the thing is that these symptoms are not obvious. You should know what to look for when it comes to ovulation. Know that the symptoms are not invisible all together and if you are careful, you will be able to calculate ovulation with ease. Once you can calculate ovulation, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant significantly. Here are a few steps for you to follow:

Start charting your periods

Note down the day that your period begins. This is especially helpful if your periods are regular each month. The time for ovulation is about two weeks before the onset of your next period. To say it in simple words, you can expect to ovulate in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The accurate day is usually the fourteenth day. It could, however, be anywhere between the twelfth day and the twentieth day. Chart your cycle each month and after a point of time, you will be able to tell when you will ovulate just by glancing at your calendar.

Track your basal body temperature

Another way to calculate your ovulation is to track the basal body temperature. When you ovulate, your BBT or basal body temperature will go up a notch. You can check the increase in your BBT and find out when you are ovulating. The right time to check your BBT is early in the morning BEFORE doing anything else. Don’t wait until you brush your teeth or sip your coffee. It should be the first thing you do when you wake up. The spike will only be slight and thus, you should be careful. Use a good basal thermometer to track your BBT each day so that you know when it increases.

Cervical mucus

Cervical mucus will also help you find out if you are pregnant. Charting it may be a little difficult but once you know what to look for, things will be easier. The texture and volume of your cervical mucus will change when you ovulate. It will look more like an egg white and that is why it is called egg white cervical mucus. The mucus will also be stretchy, watery, and clear. It aids the swimming of the sperm and during ovulation its volume will be more.

Ovulation prediction kit

If you don’t want to use any of these methods and are looking for a much easier method, you can go for an ovulation prediction kit, which is available at the drug store. You can detect whether you are ovulating very easily with these kits.

There are many ways to calculate your ovulation dates. You can choose whichever one you are most comfortable with. Most women use more than one method just to be absolutely sure of the dates.

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