How Does an Ovulation Test Work?

How Does an Ovulation Test Work?

Ovulation tests or Ovulation Prediction Kits or OPKs are very popular today. They are a very easy way of checking whether you are ovulating. Why ovulation is important is common knowledge – it is the time when you are the most fertile and have the highest chance of getting pregnant. Thus, if you are trying to get pregnant, using an ovulation prediction kit to find out your ovulation dates is ideal. Before you choose to use the ovulation prediction kit, it’d be ideal to understand how it actually works. Here is more information to make this clear for you: Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Menstrual cycle

If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you won’t even need an OPK. You will be able to calculate it yourself. However, not every woman is as lucky. Many women have unpredictable menstrual cycles and keeping a track on ovulation is very difficult for them. This is where an OPK comes into the picture. You can easily find an OPK in a drugstore. Each kit has a minimum of five strips. Some may have ten strips too. These strips are like pregnancy strips but they don’t measure hCG in your urine. Instead, they measure the presence of another hormone known as luteinizing hormone in your urine. The levels of this particular hormone tend to increase significantly about 24 hours before you start ovulating. Thus, if you have a positive result on the OPK, know that you will be ovulating in 24 hours and that is the right time to have sex. This kit really makes it easier for those couples that have a hard time because the menstrual cycle is uneven.

Do a little math

When you read the instructions that come with the ovulation prediction kit, you will see that the instructions ask you to take the test a couple of days before the date you think you will ovulate or you expect to ovulate. Again, predicting is difficult if you don’t have regular periods. Here, you can do a little math to make things clear. Subtract 14 from the number of days your cycle usually lasts for. if the number of days is uneven, take your shortest cycle into consideration and subtract 14. The answer will most likely tell you when you might ovulate. You can take the test accordingly, just to be sure. If you are among those whose cycles are usually haywire and completely unpredictable, make sure you buy two kits so that you don’t exhaust them all to no avail. Claim Your 20 Free Ovulation Tests – Click Here

Proper usage

It is very important that you use the ovulation prediction kit properly if you want an accurate result. Improper use can lead to wrong results and cause you to think you are not ovulating when you actually are, and vice versa. It’d be ideal to take the test later in the day and not in the mornings. Every time you take the test, make sure you are consistent with the timing of the test in order to make sure you are getting accurate results. One more thing to remember is that you won’t have any positive or negative in these tests. A second line will appear in case it is a positive result, and that line will be of the same color as the control. These tests have an amazing accuracy of 99%.

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