How Often Should I Take an Ovulation Test Strip?

How Often Should I Take an Ovulation Test Strip?

One of the best ways of increasing your chances of getting pregnant is to have sex while you are ovulating or a couple of days before ovulation. But how do you know when you are ovulating? There are several methods to find out and the easiest method is to use an ovulation prediction kit. However, before you go any further, you should understand why ovulation testing is so important. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Importance of ovulation

Ovulation is the time when the follicle in the ovaries releases the mature egg. This egg is ready for fertilization and is, thus, transported to the fallopian tubes. You can get pregnant only when you are ovulating because the egg is present in your body only during this time. Having sex a couple of days before ovulation is also okay because sperm can live for a few days. On the other hand, the egg will not survive for more than 30 hours. You should be very careful, thus. Ovulation occurs midway through the menstrual cycle usually. However, you can’t be sure that even you will ovulate exactly midway because not every woman is the same. The time period of menstrual cycle varies with women and if you have irregular periods, pinpointing your ovulation dates can be difficult. Ovulation prediction kits will make that easier for you.


Testing ovulation using a home prediction kit is very easy and inexpensive. It is a urine test, just like a pregnancy test. However, the two tests detect the presence of different hormones in the urine. An ovulation prediction kit will determine the presence of luteinizing hormone, because its levels go up while you are ovulating. If the test is positive, you will know that it is the right time to have sex for pregnancy. It is also useful if you are avoiding getting pregnant. You just need to steer clear of the dates of ovulation. You can either buy a strip that needs to be held in the midstream of your urine as you urinate or you can choose to urinate in a cup and dip the strip in the urine. Depending on what you prefer, you can buy the particular kit.

Reading the results

On the strip you will already find a control band. After you urinate, you will have to check the result band. The color of the result band should be the same as that of the control band for a positive result. You will be able to detect this very easily. If you find that the hue does not match, like the hue is lighter than the control band, know that you are not ovulating. The color has to be the same as control band or it should be darker.

How often should I take the test?

Most women wonder how often they should take the test using the ovulation strip. That is a common concern for many. Different doctors have different opinions on this matter. A few suggest testing once a day and a few others suggest twice a day. They suggest this because the surge of LH is usually fast and if you don’t test twice a day, you might miss it. This might cost you a lot, of course, but for the right results this is the right thing to do. You can always use cheaper strips instead of the more expensive ones as long as they are from a reputed brand.

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