How Soon do Signs of Pregnancy Start?

Pregnancy is really exciting. If you have been trying, even the smallest sign of pregnancy can make you jump in delight. As you try hard to get pregnant, a number of questions will crop up such as when the signs of pregnancy will start and how soon you will be able to find out whether you are expecting.

Well, you will be delighted to know that you can read the signs of pregnancy in the first week itself! Yes, signs of pregnancy start very soon after conception. You should just know what to look for!

Some of the early signs have been given as follows. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


Around six to twelve days after ovulation

During this time, you will experience implantation bleeding. This is a sure shot sign that you are pregnant. This does not occur in all women but it is common. This occurs when the embryo reaches the uterus and is busy implanting on the uterine wall.

This sign is, however, totally missed by many women because they think it is their period. They misread it completely only to find out later that they are pregnant. Watch out for implantation bleeding. It is the first sign of pregnancy!


Around a fortnight after conception

Two weeks after fertilization of the egg, you will see a hoard of symptoms including fatigue. Your body will be working extra hard around this time to produce pregnancy hormones and to make sure your baby is growing well. Thus, you will feel tired. You may misread this sign too, thinking you are just working too hard.

If you miss this sign too, there will be no missing the upcoming signs such as breast soreness, breast tenderness, backaches, bloating, mild cramping, etc. However, if you are among those who are not looking for signs of pregnancy, you will miss these signs too. You will think they are PMS signs and will not be very bothered about them at all.


Four weeks after conception

Around this time you will see the more obvious signs of pregnancy. You won’t be able to ignore these signs regardless of whether you are looking for them or not. Morning sickness will begin and you will feel nauseated most of the time. You will also feel queasy. At the same time, your nipples will increase in size and the region around the nipples will become darker.

You will start feeling repulsion to a few foods and cravings for other foods will increase. Fainting, vomiting, dizziness, and headaches are very common. These symptoms are because of the increase in the hormonal levels in the body and also because blood circulation is catching speed.

You will gain some weight and your bras will feel tighter out of nowhere. Around this time you will be expecting your period but hey, that won’t happen because you are pregnant!

Once you miss your period, run to the store to buy a pregnancy test kit if you don’t already have one and take the test as soon as you wake up just to confirm all your symptoms.



As you can see, pregnancy symptoms start off really early. You only need to keep your eyes open for them.

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