How to Get Pregnant with Tilted Uterus

The position of the uterus is normally straight up. Under a few circumstances it has been found that the uterus may actually be tilted. The tilt may either be forward or backwards a little. Sometimes it is nothing to worry about because it is a result of maturation. The uterus simply does not move to the right position. Another circumstance is previous childbirth. If you suffer from endometriosis, you may have to endure a tilted uterus too.
More often than not, women are not even aware of a tilted or tipped uterus until it is medically diagnosed. Under other circumstances though, it is very clear through a few symptoms. The symptoms of a tilted uterus include pain during intercourse, pain during periods, fertility problems, and urinary track problems.
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The Causes of Tilted Uterus

A tilted uterus may also be called a retroverted uterus or a tipped uterus. It has been found in around twenty percent women.
The causes of this problem are varied. Pelvic surgery, endometriosis, and pelvic inflammatory disease are just a few examples. It is more common in older women and women who are already mothers to children.
You can see that most of the problems here cause infertility. Thus, you can’t attribute infertility completely to the position of your uterus. Infertility is caused when your uterus is tilted along with any complication that causes infertility in the first place.
Even if you only have a tilted uterus with no other problems, you may experience too much discomfort and pain during intercourse. That in turn can hamper your chances of getting pregnant.

What Should I do About it? Or, What Will My Doctor do About it?

According to the findings that doctors have right now, there is no link between a tipped uterus and infertility. When you go to the doctor, he will examine you physically. The physical exam is painless and quick. It will reveal whether you have a tilted uterus. He may further do an ultrasound just to be sure about the results.
Only when the doctor thinks that the tilted uterus is the sole reason behind your inability to get pregnant will he perform a surgery to tip it into its proper position. The surgery is carried out rarely. Usually, nature does the job for you and tips it to its right position automatically.

A Fertility Massage

If you are having a lot of problem because of your tilted uterus, you could try a fertility massage. This is an ideal way of tilting your uterus to the normal position. The massage focuses on your lower pelvic region as well as your uterus.

What Positions Can I Try?

The missionary position is the best one for you. You could even place a pillow under your lower hip to make sex more comfortable. The missionary position will also make sure that the sperm reach their destination. Having sex on all fours might also help.
You could also stay still for about half an hour after intercourse. Just lie down quietly and don’t walk around immediately after sex.

You could talk to your doctor if it bothers you but unless it comes with another condition hampering your fertility, you don’t have to worry about it.

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