How to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally

How to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally

Getting pregnant is an exciting and magical time! We all want to get pregnant and experience the joy of giving birth to a baby. But how about giving birth to two babies at once? While some women don’t want the hassle of twins, there are others who crave to have twins. While it is not in your hands to determine whether you have twins or singles, you can actually do some things to tick the odds in your favor. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Getting pregnant naturally

Oh no, if you are thinking about fertility drugs, that is not what this is about. Sure fertility drugs and treatments can significantly increase your chances of having twins and multiples but that doesn’t mean only those who have fertility issues can have twins! The good news is that there are few NATURAL methods to increase the chances of having twins. You really don’t need fertility drugs if you are craving for twins, you know? Don’t wave these off thinking they are wives’ tales because some wives tales can actually do the magic for you. Here are a few tips for you to increase your odds of having twins.

Check your family history

Twins run in the families, you surely know that. Thus, you could check your family history to see if there were any twins in your lineage. You don’t need to see twins in the immediate generation. Know that twins follow skip-generation inheritance, which means that they often skip one generation. Maybe that generation was your mother’s? If yes, chances are that even you will have twins! One thing to remember here is that twins on the mother’s side will only be counted. Even if your spouse’s family has had twins, that won’t make a difference at all.

Folic Acid

A few studies have revealed that folic acid intake and twins are linked. Why not give it a shot? A survey was conducted in Australia to find out the connection between twins and folic acid. Women taking folic acid supplements while trying to get pregnant were taken into account in this survey. Apparently, it was found that they have forty percent more chances of having twins! These numbers are significant and should not be ignored. The survey may not have a scientific proof to back it up and there may not be any reports about the same but why not try it? There is no harm in taking folic acid supplements while you try to conceive. Who knows? It might just work for you!

Put on weight

A few studies have shown that those who are overweight have more chances of having twins than those who are of normal weight. Here you go, there is one advantage of being overweight! However, don’t put on too much weight in the excitement! That can backfire miserably and make pregnancy an ordeal all together. Women who are obese have a harder time getting pregnant: remember that!


Include dairy products in your diet. There have been a few reports that have shown that eating dairy products while trying to get pregnant can increase your chances of having twins by about five times! That is huge! Your doctor may not give you surety about it but isn’t it worth a try? Go on, gobble up lots of dairy products and you might end up having twins!


Apparently, if you are older you have higher chances of getting pregnant with twins. But waiting to get pregnant just because you want to have twins is not an ideal thought because your fertility decreases with age. Be wise, thus!

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