Improve Egg Quality

Improve Egg Quality

Did you know that there are ways to improve egg quality? Many people are not aware that the things they do on a daily basis play such a huge role. When looking to conceive we should all be aware of every possibility. There has always been this huge myth that the only thing that affected egg quality was age but since then there has been so much scientific data that has proved otherwise. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Factors that influence egg quality

Women have more control when they know their egg quality and there very well could be simple improvements that you could make to improve it. Many factors influence your egg quality such as:

• Environmental factors
• Hormones in the diet
• Stress

There are some key factors as to the health of your eggs which include but not limited to proper circulation, a healthy fertile cycle, balanced hormones and healthy eggs.

Healthy eggs = fertilization

You may be wondering why egg health is so important and the answer is rather simple. The health of your egg determines whether or not fertilization will indeed occur. Years ago it was thought that we were born with as many egg cells as we would ever have in one lifetime. This is the major reason age has something do with conceiving.

My eggs are old

Women are told various things by physicians who have been able to study their body and understand how it works. Each person is very unique, so to each their own experience. Most women who are found to have poor egg quality are told their eggs are old.

Health factors that can affect the egg

Up to 90 days before your egg is ready for ovulation, all the health habits you make will affect it. This is the reason that preconception health is so important. Three months before you are trying to conceive is the time to get healthy. The eggs can be affected by:

• Blood Flow
• Proper oxygenation
• Hormonal Balance
• Nutritional intake
• Stress

What can you do?

There are many options that are available to those women who are told this and these options include using an egg donor, IVF or adoption. What women are mostly unaware of is there are things that we can do as women to support the health of our ovaries and eggs. One must remember in order for these helpful hints to take effect we must do them for at the least 90 days. Please remember that if the healthy courses of action you take can affect your eggs, then your negative actions can as well.

Fertility foods

Nutrition is key to improve egg quality so much so that there are super fertility foods that can be consumed.

• Broccoli
• Berries
• Halibut
• Salmon
• Pumpkin & Sesame Seeds

I would urge to not give up faith and in order to improve egg quality one must be dedicated to the cause. It can take no less than 90 days for your actions to take full effect and to show your hard honest work.

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