Improve Sperm Motility

Improve Sperm Motility

Male infertility is due to just two reasons more often than not. The most common reason behind male fertility issues is low sperm count. The second most common reason is low sperm motility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Low sperm count

When there are not enough sperm in the semen per ml, it is called low sperm count. This problem is very common today mainly because of bad lifestyle.

Low sperm motility

Low sperm motility is the phenomenon in which the numbers of sperm are good enough in the semen but they are not quick enough to reach the egg. They perish on their way and fail to fertilize the egg.

Medical treatment options

If you ask your doctor, he will give you a few medical treatment options to cure low sperm motility but these are generally expensive. It is recommended that you try out a few easier options before going for the more expensive ones. If you are lucky, your sperm will be motile enough through these easier methods only. Remember that there is no hundred percent sure that they will work but again, they are safe and you won’t be at a loss if you try.

Here is more about low sperm motility to make things easier for you.

Intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine Insemination is the most common procedure to treat low sperm motility. In this procedure, your sperm will be taken and inserted directly into the uterus so that sperm don’t have to travel all the distance by themselves. IVF is also a common procedure. But again, both these procedures are expensive and not many will actually be able to afford them.

Low sperm motility causes

The best thing for you to do would be to find out WHY you have low sperm motility. You can then try avoiding those causes and your sperm motility will increase automatically. Some of the most common causes of low sperm motility have been explained below.


Heat is very harmful for your sperm quality. Low sperm motility is mostly caused because of extreme heat. Also, heat can cause sperm abnormalities. These abnormal sperm will not be able to fertilize the egg even if they reach it. Thus, you should stay away from heat. Whirlpools, hot baths, and saunas are not for you. Also, wear light and comfortable underwear. Tight underwear can produce heat.

Heavy metals

Exposure to heavy metals has been shown to affect the quality of sperm significantly. Drink distilled water and avoid sea fish as much as possible.

Too much sex

Too much is too bad and that holds true for sex too. If you have sex every day, there are chances that your sperm motility will come down. Having sex every other day is good. Of course having sex everyday while you are ovulating is fine. But on the other days, you should keep a gap of a day or two between intercourses.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

Not eating properly or eating all the wrong foods can also effect your sperm motility. Your diet should contain a number of nutrients including vitamin B12, folate, vitamin C, and zinc. Deficiency in these can directly affect your sperm quality. If your diet is not able to fulfill your needs, you may go for supplements too.


Don’t take stress! Stress can invite a number of problems and one of the biggest problems relates to fertility! Try relaxing and don’t let stress get the better out of you.


These steps are very simple to follow and chances are high that they will cure your problem and you will never have to go for expensive treatments!

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