Increase Possibility of Twins

Increase Possibility of Twins

Despite the common old wives’ tale that you can only have twins if they run in your family, you can increase the possibility naturally and on your own. You do not always need a family history to produce twins. This does make your odds higher but it is not absolutely necessary. Prior to attempting to get pregnant at all, set up a preconception visit with your OBGYN doctor and discuss if your body could handle a multiple birth and what steps he or she thinks you need to take first. Depending on how this conversation goes, you may decide to take these next steps in order to produce in a multiple birth. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Gain weight or get taller!

This sounds nuts, but there is a study that states a female with a body mass index of 30 or higher has a larger chance of getting pregnant with multiples. Also in a similar study, it was stated that women over five feet six inches tall have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins.

Eat yams and dairy!

Almost as strange as the gaining weight. Do you eat yams? Do you eat a lot of dairy? These are said to also aid in the production of multiples. There is not a pin point reason as to why this helps you conceive multiples, but a study says it could be the growth hormones in the milk that is consumed. So opt for the dairy that does not have the “Not from Rbst-treated cows” label on it.


According to another study, a female that is breastfeeding is nine times more likely to conceive twins than a woman who was not at the time. My question is why in the world you would want to add twins when you already have a baby, clearly. Personal preference I suppose.

Right after the Pill

Seriously, I have had a cousin that did this. Within two months of discontinuing the birth control pills she became pregnant with triplets! This is believed to be due to the pill no longer holding the hormones back, they are free to run, producing more eggs, and sometimes causing multiples.

Wait until you are a little older

Some studies say that women over the age of 45 have a 17% chance of conceiving twins. While at the same time, after 35 your fertility is lower, this could also weigh in your favor.

The family connection

It can be helpful if multiples do run in your family, or in your spouse’s family. But as you have seen above, it is not an absolute necessity. While you are trying the above options it is very important to take care of yourself, just as you would if you were pregnant, act pregnant, think pregnant; do not bring a baby into a body that is not ready for it.

Above all else please speak with your doctor prior to making big decisions in your normal day to day life.

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