Infertility Caused by Ovulation Problems

Infertility Caused by Ovulation Problems

To say it very simply, you need to ovulate if you want to get pregnant. Ovulation is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, the ovaries release an egg. This egg will reach the fallopian tube, ready to be fertilized. When the sperm reaches the egg, it is fertilized and that is exactly how you get pregnant. Ovulation seems like something that is obvious and will occur each month with no problems. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Ovulation problems

However, did you know that a large percentage of the fertility issues are related to ovulation problems? There are numerous things that could go wrong with ovulation. In some cases, even though you get your period each month, you don’t ovulate at all. Infertility caused because of ovulation problems is not new at all and it is ideal to know something about it so that you can be prepared for the future. You never know what may befall you and bracing up is the only thing you can do!

What exactly are they?

The most basic ovulation problem is the failure to release the egg. When the ovaries are unable to release the mature egg, fertilization and subsequent fertilization are plain impossible.

Why do they occur?

There are numerous reasons behind ovulation problems and more often than not, the problems are related to hormones. The regulation of hormones may be improper, a particular hormone may be produced in excess, or a particular hormone may be produced in very low amounts. The reasons behind hormonal disruption are again numerous. One reason is obesity. Another reason is not eating properly. Even a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise can led to hormonal imbalance in the body. Too much stress is also a problem, which is growing rapidly in today’s world.

How do I find out if I have them?

You can use a few signs to determine whether or not you have ovulation issues. For example, if your periods are uneven or if you frequently skip periods, you may be having ovulation problems. Even those whose periods are too light or too heavy might have ovulation issues. You should see the doctor if there is any irregularity in your periods for a prolonged period of time. Remember that there is no need to raise an alarm if one period is out of place. You should be worried only if this happens repeatedly and continuously.

Try an OPK

You can use an ovulation prediction kit to find out if you are ovulating. This tool is safe and effective, and when used correctly, gives accurate results. This tool will especially come handy to women want to get pregnant.

How do I fix them?

So you found out that the reason why you are not getting pregnant is because you are having ovulation problems. What should you do? Clomid is a fertility medication that can help you out. If the medication is not able to solve your problem you may have to go for more expensive treatments such as in vitro fertilization. Whatever it may be, before trying anything, you should talk to your doctor. She will be able to give you the best solution.

You shouldn’t give up hope if you are diagnosed with ovulation problems. They are generally treatable. You should simply discuss your options with your doctor and follow her advice.

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