Infertility Treatments for Men

Infertility Treatments for Men

Infertility problems are as common in men as they are in women. Thus, you should not be surprised or rudely shocked if you find out that your male partner is infertile or has a few fertility issues, which is why you are not able to have a baby. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here
Many people think that fertility issues revolve around women only and when they go for fertility testing, don’t bother about male fertility testing. However, many doctors make it clear that tests have to be undergone by both the partners. This shows that infertility odds in men are also very high.
If you, the male partner, have been diagnosed with infertility, you shouldn’t be shocked or devastated because you are not the only one. Don’t blame yourself and slip into depression because of the results. It is common and thankfully, there are a number of male fertility treatments too. You may be wondering what the different treatments are and whether you can cure your problem naturally.
Well, here are some answers for you:

Natural cures

When you have been diagnosed with a fertility issue, the doctor herself will ask you to try natural cures to begin with. There are many different natural cures that are very safe, effective, and inexpensive. Starting off with them is a great idea.
Natural cures include changing your diet and improving your lifestyle. You should also incorporate moderate exercise in your daily routine. Besides that, you should keep stress away and ensure that you are happy and satisfied. Of course, this may be tough for you but you should try your best to relax.
Quit smoking and drinking at once. This lifestyle change can help you at many levels. Include a number of vitamins and minerals in your diet such as calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.
You can even go for supplements if you think that your food is not able to fulfill your nutritional requirements. To choose the right supplements, talk to your doctor. He will tell you what to choose and how much to take each day.


Medication is not common when it comes to male fertility treatment. Most fertility medicines are aimed at female infertility. However, the doctor might prescribe antibiotics if your doctor thinks that a certain infection is the reason behind male infertility.
Also, there are a few medications that work to enhance the sperm count.


Surgery is recommended in cases of blockage. Sometimes, even though enough sperm are produced, they are not able to make it through and this can cause problems. This is where surgery is recommended – to clear the pathway for the semen/sperm.

Fertility treatments – ART or Assisted Reproductive Techniques

An ART is a good option if you are suffering from fertility problems. It is especially good if the fertility problems are in both the partners. The most common and the most effective ART is IVF or in vitro fertilization. However, this is not the only option for you. Other options include ZIFT and GIFT. IUI is also a good treatment option.
Using a sperm donor because of low sperm count is a good idea, too.

Know that you have a number of options to explore and to try. Don’t give up hope at all! Talk to your doctor and discover your problem so that you can treat it accordingly.

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