Irregular Periods and Getting Pregnant

Irregular Periods and Getting Pregnant

Irregular periods are something we have all dealt with at some point. As teenagers when we all first started, or when we had to cram for finals in high school or college, everything is kind of “iffy” in those moments, at times you may have even skipped one. As an adult, the same thing, too much stress or not being physically healthy may have caused you to skip a month, or be off by a week or so. But that “being off” even by a few days messes with your entire cycle. And some people just have the problem all the time, not just in “moments.” In some cases this irregular problem is a regular problem that may cause infertility due to the fact of not knowing when you will ovulate if at all. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Be balanced

In order for your cycle to be regular, you must first have a “balance” in all things that are in your life. A balanced diet, balanced hormones, and even a balance between stress and no stress. Begin to chart your cycles, over a 5-7 month time span you may start to see a pattern as to how your cycle is timed out. Chart the beginning of each period, the end of each period, the consistency of the vaginal discharge during ovulation, and the days in between the ovulation and beginning of the next period. Though it may not start at the same time each month, it is possible that your body has built its own “pattern” and it is sticking to it.

Speak with your doctor

Once this has been “balanced” you then may need to look at other options to help with the cycle becoming more regular. Speak with your doctor about possible tests such as; blood tests and ultra sounds. In some cases it may be a fact of a medical problem that needs to be treated before a regular cycle will take place. These can be such things as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), blocked fallopian tubes, luteal phase defect, or even infections. These are all “treatable” on the infertility end of things, really only two can be cured completely while the others may need constant treatment to make it possible for you to conceive and carry a full term healthy pregnancy.

Ask questions

Medication might be in your future, if this is the next step in your journey, be sure to ask any questions you might have of your doctor and take the medication as recommended. In some cases the medication will work within six months of beginning it. However, if it does not, your doctor may be able to suggest other options like taking a new medication, seeing a specialist, or even testing for further complications in your reproductive system.

Plan your pregnancy

There are ways to become pregnant if the only thing physically wrong is that your periods are not regular. This can be “fixed” and things can go on without a problem. Be sure to plan your pregnancy thoroughly enough that you can speak with your health care professional about any issues you may have.

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