Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Her Second Baby

Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Her Second Baby

Could It Be Time For Baby #2?

Is it time for Kimye baby #2 craziness already?? Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second baby. Sources close to Kim say that the reality star has suddenly stopped talking about having another baby, which is all she has been able to talk about for the last several months. Other sources say that she has the same pregnancy glow that she had when she was pregnant with North, and that she has rapidly gained about 15 pounds in the last few weeks. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

If you pay attention to Kim’s social media profiles, she hasn’t been posting as much as she usually does, and critics say it’s because of her second pregnancy. Sources also say that Kim hasn’t been spotted out and about like she usually does, and this could either be from morning sickness or the fact that she is simply gaining weight and looking more pregnant, and doesn’t want anyone to know yet.

Dreaming Of More Babies

Kim has been very vocal about her desire for more babies since North was born. She told her stepfather Bruce Jenner that she just wanted to hurry up and get married so she could start having more babies, and when she gave her grandmother a tour of her new home, she revealed to her that she has already set up a second nursery. Kim really loves being a mom and she says that Kanye loves being a daddy as well, so it was just a matter of time before these two lovebirds started trying for baby number two. Couple that with all the other rumors flying around, and it actually does seem to be feasible that Kimye is expecting their second baby! How exciting!

When Will They Announce?

So if Kim and Kanye are pregnant again, when will we hear about it? Chances are, not for a while. Although we know that Kim and Kanye both LOVE the spotlight, it seems that someone else might have taken that away for now. Rumor has it that the royal pregnancy announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton being pregnant with baby #2 has thrown Kimye’s planned baby announcement for a loop, for now anyway. It just so happens that when Kim was pregnant with North, Kate was pregnant with Prince George, so Kim often felt during her pregnancy that she was overshadowed by the Duchess of Cambridge. Now, Kate beat Kim to the punch on announcing her second pregnancy as well. So, according to rumors, Kimye will be waiting until the dust settles on the royal pregnancy announcements to make their official announcement that they are expecting baby #2. Guess we will all have to stay tuned.

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