L-Carnitine and Fertility

L-Carnitine and Fertility

Many people are not even aware of L-carnitine, let alone its importance. L-carnitine is an important amino acid. The reason why it is important is that it plays a major role in fertility as well as reproductive. It is very important for male fertility because it enhances the production of sperm, its formation, as well as its maturation. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here
It can also be called the building block of sperm and that is the reason why it is essential. You have to have complete knowledge about this amino acid in order to understand male fertility. You should not just understand its importance but also ensure that you have enough of it in your body so that reproductive health is optimal.
Here are the reasons why L-carnitine is very important for male fertility:

In Men

Sperm motility
L-carnitine helps a lot in ensuring that your sperm are motile enough along with helping the sperm functioning. Sperm motility is very important for obvious reasons. Only when your sperm are motile enough will they be able to travel all the way through the vagina into the fallopian tube. If the sperm are not motile enough, they will perish on their way and never make it to the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg.

Sperm count
Along with improving sperm motility, the amino acid has been shown to increase sperm count too. A series of tests were conducted in which men with low sperm counts were tested. It was found that most of them were deficient in L-carnitine.
Thus, you should ensure you take L-carnitine supplements if you don’t have enough of it in your body and are not able to get it through your diet. This amino acid will ensure that the sperm are healthy and are in optimal shape thereby reducing the odds of the formation of abnormal sperm all together.

Increased stamina
L-carnitine also increases stamina in men so that they perform better sexually. Better performance automatically increases chances of getting pregnant.

In Women

Age related infertility
Yes, age related infertility is very common in women. As you age, your fertility will diminish. If you take L-carnitine, this won’t be as much as a problem because the amino acid improves age related infertility very significantly, according to recent research.
Many women who are undergoing in vitro fertilization or IVF and other fertility treatments take this amino acid to increase their chances of having a baby.
The fact that L-carnitine is natural is a huge advantage.


This amino acid is not just safe but also very effective. You can take supplements if you think you lack L-carnitine in your body.
Don’t take it without the advice of your doctor especially if you don’t know anything about the optimal dose. While it improves your fertility, taking too much may be harmful. Thus, talking to your doctor first and then taking the supplement according to the dose he suggests is the best thing to do.
When it comes to taking supplements you have be very clear and sure about the dosage. If you have any doubts or queries, you should clear them beforehand.

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